Monday, November 21, 2011

Kindergarten Parade (and my random thoughts)

Halloween day was jammed pack with pumpkin pancakes, parties, parades, and a lot of fun!
Honestly, this year, I think was the longest Halloween Holiday of my life.
Must be due to it being on a Monday or something?
Felt like we partied Thursday thru Monday...
we did.
Lulu was so excited for her parade.
We had good intentions of waking up early and getting her to the big school one at 9 am.
I woke up at 8:57, so that got nixed real quick.
Luckily, she was all ready and Minnied out for her class parade around noonish.
Such a more realistic time for me these days.

 The Rockstar and Gigi LOVE walking Lu to school every day with me.
They were especially excited to be able to stay a while with her too.

 SO fun seeing all the chiclets dressed up.
Lulu is lucky to go to school with such darling friends!
 Mrs. K. Seriously the BEST teacher in the world!!
Or at least a tie with my mom in law and Miss Kindra! :)

Then it was time to Part-ay!
I didn't stay, but Lulu told me it was quite the event!
I'm sure due to all the sugar.
Augh! Me and this holiday have such a love hate thing going on!

I feel like I need to write a quick update about kindergarten.
Confession, It has rocked my world! Like really. rocked it.
I've been shocked at how much they need to know, and swearing (yes language too) that I never had to do this kind of work when I was so little.
Well, last week at Parent Teacher Conference, Miss K validated my feelings.
Apparently, (as of this year) Kindergarten is the new 2nd grade.
She said that in her 20 years of teaching, the kids have never been expected to do and know so much.
Government has stepped in and wants us to be up to par with other countries like Japan and China.
Freak. I don't need my kids hunched over books, cramming their heads full...atleast not at 5.
Whatever happened to creativity, playing, singing, dancing, and being a kid!!??
(I know. I should run for pres :))
I always start freaking out a little and wondering if I should homeschool for a bit.
(don't laugh. i don't think i will.)
It just rubs me wrong.
The funny thing is that I (who had no problem with school) stress and get bothered about it, when Sonny  (who sort of struggled) thinks it's Fantastic that schools are pushing kids to do better and better.
Ha! I think he just says that because he stays awake at night stressing about what will happen to his children if I decide to homeschool. :)
Anyways, enough of the tangent.
Lulu is staying put. She LOVES kindergarten. I am so GRATEFUL that she has Mrs. K who is beautiful with children and really knows how to build them up.
I guess I will take it year by year, kid by kid, and prayer by prayer.
Hopefully, my kids will have many more fantastic teachers who try their hardest (despite all the politics)
to bring fun and creativity back in to the classrooms.

Okay. I'm done.
for now.

Oh wait, I am adding this 2 hours after this post, but thought that it probably should be documented
that Lulu is on grade level or above grade level in all areas.
Also, Mrs K. wrote on her report card.
I love working with "Lulu." She has the wonderful combination of intelligence and social skills that make her a favorite with her peers. Lulu is emerging as a reader. She has almost passed off all of her sounds and is beginning to decode simple cvc words.

Yes, that is my daughter.
We are so proud.
And if you have a child in the same class as Lu and are reading this,
please don't tell me your report said the same thing. :)

And I have no clue what cvc words mean.
But that is because in my day we just let Japan and China take the lead.

Happy Education!!
sorry, it's just fun to put happy something after every post.


Catherine said...

I totally know where you're coming from feeling that kids should have time to play, sing, dance, and just be creative little kids! I never thought I would homeschool because I thought homeschooled kids were soooo weird! haha They were when I was young, but NOW there are so many awesome opportunities to co-op with other homeschool families and socialize in an enriching, positive setting. And since public school is driving so many parents crazy trying to put their little ones in a "box" that more and more people are deciding to homeschool. :)

I have been SUPER impressed with the homeschooled teenagers I have met these days! THEY are why we decided to teach our children at home. Many of them are so cool, down to earth, easy to talk to, but DON'T have the sass and attitude that other typical teens have. We want our kids to be like that, and their parents tell us it's the abundance of one on one time they have with their families that mold them that way, as well as less exposure to worldly things.

It's such a personal decision! And your kids will probably be the sweetest, NON-SASSY public schooled kids out there because you and Sony are such AMAZING parents and are teaching them good character traits right from the start. I just wanted to leave my two cents here so you or anyone who reads your blog might open their eyes to the "new" way of homeschooling and realize it's not so weird anymore. :) We are LOVING the play time (and my little Kindergartener at home is reading on a 1st grade level, too.) So there's time for work along with the play and maybe violin lessons, too. I just love that we have more TIME together. It's nice.

Dana said...

hahaha, oh how this made me laugh. We really are soul sisters, I swear. WE so think alike. The whole homeschooling situation is me and my hubby exactly. I think he prays I don't homeschool, no really. I don't think I will either, but I toss the idea around alot. I homeschool for preschool but Dan is okay with it because it's free and he's cheap :). Anyway, I love your post! you are great.

Terry said...

Loved seeing the parade, even tho I can't be right there. Blogs are so great. love to all!