Thursday, November 3, 2011

Florida::Friends at the beach

 Parker. Lulu. Shelby Diane.
Early on in the week we met some good friends from Tennessee. 
John, Kristin, 6 year old Parker 
and their cute little 2 year old "Shelby Diane!"
We were so glad to have them around. 
The kids quickly became best of buds and had so much fun playing with them at the pool and in the sand.
Unfortunately I only got a couple of pictures.

Also, for the record, It is true what you hear about people from the South.
They really are the friendliest, nicest kind of people you can meet.
We were blown away with how sweet everyone was and how family oriented all the other vacationers were.
It was definitely a relief.
After our experience in Cancun with topless fever, I never know what to expect at beaches.
Glad to report there was no "girls gone wild" on our side of the coast.
phew. :)

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