Sunday, September 1, 2013

A life celebrated thru pictures

Charles Roscoe Spitzer 
April 11, 1931-September 1, 2007
Juanita Ethel Spitzer 
April 5, 1937-September 1, 2012




What a Legacy they left.
Love you both so much.
Keep up the work, and we will see you soon.

Life Sketch

The Life Sketch I was blessed to give at the funeral.
Juanita Ethel Parrish Spitzer
First of all, I need a volunteer from the congregation. Someone to be my "happy face" 
who I can focus on to help me somehow get thru this talk.
I for sure won't have any help from these first few rows. Look at them. They're a hot mess!

Juanita Ethel Parrish Spitzer was born on April 5, 1937 to Georgia and Grant Parrish in Portland, Or.
She was the oldest child of 3. A sister to Scott and Ryan.
She met my Grandpa, Charles Roscoe at the age of 16.
They have a beautiful beginning to their romance.
You see, my grandpa "fished her out of the Rio Grande River while Grandma was swimming across."
Or so was the story my gramps told us kids our whole lives.
I actually found out, just last night, the real story.
They met over a pack of cigarettes.
Beautiful :)
My Grandma was working in her parents' store when my grandpa came in asking for a pack.
They started dating and their life together began.

They married February 18, 1955 and made a home in Portland, OR
where they would raise their 3 children.
Rose Marie
Chaud Robert
LeAnne Gae

Grandma was a dedicated wife and mother.
She loved her kids dearly and took great care of them and grandpa.
She took her role as a wife quite seriously.
All of her kids tell stories about how every single afternoon she would take a bath, put on heels and a dress, refresh her makeup and splash a little perfume on before grandpa came home.
She did everything for her family.
My Aunt LeAnne told me that every morning she made a big hot breakfast to send everyone off to school and work.
In later years, she kept a magnet on the fridge that said,
"If you want a hot breakfast, light your cornflakes on fire."

Grandma and Grandpa followed in their teenage children's footsteps and were baptized into
the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Their son, Chaud performed the ordinance.

They were then sealed for time and all eternity in the Manti Temple
March 4, 1974.

We all gathered here today to celebrate Nita Spitzer's life.
I wish I had more stories to tell about her younger years.
I wish I knew her then and could talk about all the events and moments that shaped her into the woman she became,
but I can't.
I don't know any stories. My grandma didn't talk much about her life.
And to my knowledge I don't know of any fancy awards, recognitions, or even a diploma that was ever given to her.

I cannot attest for everything she did throughout her life.  
I'm sure, like all of us, there were plenty of mistakes made. 
I'm sure there were, but I can't even tell you about those. I don't know any of that...
But what I can do is stand here today and tell you that NOBODY was a better grandma than she.
She filled that role perfectly.
And I know that all 11 of us grandchildren would vouch for that
along with our spouses,
our friends,
and our children.

So I want to tell you about who our grandma was:
She was Dixie Cup Ice Cream on a hot summer day.
She was paper dolls and base ball cards when we came to visit.
Along with all you can eat bologna, wonder bread, and miniature cans of grape soda.
And when she came to visit your house, she left her memory with hot pink lipstick left on every glass and mascara stains on your white pillow case.

She was the softest hugs in the world.
In fact, those hugs were so soft that I remember my sister Ciara asking her once if she had pillows stuffed in her shirt.

She was the best Christmas gifts on Christmas morning, Hallmark cards for your Birthday, and the scariest witch on Halloween.
"Hellloooo, my little Pretty...."
Okay she did it way better.

She was 25 cent foot rubs on the "davenport"
And the best Thanksgiving dinners with her Jell-o salad and dry turkey.

She was always patient with us kids.
In fact, I don't have a single memory of her or my grandpa ever raising their voices at us.
Even when they should have,
like the time we snuck into their room in the middle of the night with a pot of hot water.
We had big plans of sticking Grandpa's hand in the water, in the hopes he would wet the bed that night.
Grandma caught us, and tried her darndest to be stern, but we could hear her and grandpa laughing about it later.

Grandma was the absolute WORST at keeping a secret
and the BEST at finding out your secrets.
It is still a mystery to us all how she could find out all that she did.

She was full of bling, always "hip"
A fashionista who could throw down an 8 hour day of shopping like it was nothing.

She was so witty. Really the funniest person I know.
She had a comeback for everything and a laugh that just made the world okay.
And I know she would want me to add here that she was
"just a petite little thing."

Grandma made sure she was at every big event and ever small event.
Her and grandpa made it to every single baptism, graduation, and wedding.
But they also knew our life.
I think my brother Chaud said it best,
"Grandma was 'cool' at every age. She managed to stay relevant whether we were 4, 16, or 29.
She always made sure she knew us. She knew our faults, our strengths, our friends, and our hobbies."
She was our friend.

Of all the things my Grandma taught me, I think the importance of family stands out the most. 
She was always so loyal to family,
and she never let an unkind thing about any of us cross her lips.

She just loved unconditionally.
And from the time I was tiny til the very morning of her accident 
I could see her eyes light up when she saw me.
I hope my children and grandchildren will be able to say the same of me.

I know that this life is not the end. It's not.
I know that Grandma and Grandpa are together right now.
I bet they're having a ball.
And Heaven definitely feels more like home
with those two there.

In the name of Jesus Christ

The Funeral

{September 6, 2012}

Till We Meet Again.