Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sweet Comfort

{September 1, 2012}
Back at the hotel, I sat in the lobby with the phone to my ear mourning with my sister.
We talked and cried.
and cried.
Our grandparents had the amazing ability of developing a close relationship with each of their 11 grandchildren. It was nice to just sit with her and know that we were both experiencing the exact same loss.
When I got back up to the room,
Sonny and the kids were gone swimming.
But I found these beauties waiting for me.
 Sonny told me later that the kids and done these completely on their own.
Lulu had grabbed a note pad and started drawing and tearing off pages for Rockstar.
Touched my heart deeply.
(grandma Spitzer in Heaven at the gates by Lulu)
 (Grandpa and Grandma being together again by Rockstar)

 (Eternal Marriage by Lu)
 (and the same by the rockstar :)) 
 And then
I went to bed.

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