Wednesday, May 25, 2011

thirty one.

To the best Daddy,
and all around person I know...
Happy Birthday!!!

I can't wait to celebrate it with you on the beach in a few more days.
And just to get you excited...
(us 3 years ago in St. Marteen)
I love that you're counting down the hours.
(Only like what, 93 1/2 more to go!? Woo-hoo!)

Enjoy your bike ride today.
The kids and I will be spending the day working on some awesome pictures.
(You should see the one the Rockstar just came up with. You and him, stick legs, uneven eyes, and heads the size of planet earth.)

Love your guts!
all 31 years worth.

Happy Day!

Monday, May 23, 2011

My Rockstar

A few days ago the Rockstar was playing out front while I was sweeping the kitchen. I kept peeking out to make sure he was okay. He was talking to some of the neighbor kids and I could tell they were planning something fun. I went to go dump the dust pan when I heard him crash through the front door and run upstairs. He banged around up there and then came tearing downstairs in his new swimsuit. (backwards).
Me:: Whoa, buddy. Where are you off to??

Haha! I didn't even have time to respond. The kid was already tearing out of the house and half way down the street.
Daddy had walked up stairs just in time to hear. We got a good laugh.
I'm pretty sure that promise lasted about 3 hours before we got one of the Rockstar's infamous tantrums.
(it was over Lulu getting the pink fork and not him)
It was a good dream though.

Oh how I love being the mother of this little boy.
He makes me laugh every day. He makes me crazy with his stubbornness daily too.
He hits when he's mad (we're working on it), screams for hours on end and kicks his bedroom door.
But he gives the best kisses in the world, he loves to tickle and he's been known to cuddle all day long.
He makes up songs and words (gung gung and wacker tiger), he attaches the word poop to every sentence, and he thinks it's hilarious to toot at the dinner table.
But he protects his sisters fiercly, he prays for the people in Japan, and he makes me little love cards daily.
He squashes rollie pollies, walks around in his underwear (usually when it's really inappropriate like when the home teachers are here or something), and he threatens to run away and live with a nice mom (when I didn't give him a gum ball).
But he offers his entire piggy bank to the "kids with no food," shares his favorite toys with his little sister, and tells me I look very beautiful when I just wake up in the morning.
Oh and he's also been known to bite his Grammy's bum. Really. He was walking behind her one day and well, I guess it was just too tempting. He took a chomp at it and made her shriek. haha. only him.
I tell you, he is the cutest, sweetest, funnest, craziest, happiest, and whiniest little guy you'll ever know.
I am grateful and honored every day to be the mother of the Rockstar.

I love you forever little boy.
And I wouldn't change a thing about you.
It's gonna be a fun day today, because every day is, with you around.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brothers from another Mother

Sonny's Best friend, Justin Tuft has been staying with us the past few days.
As always, We are having the greatest time with our good friend telling stories, "chillin the most", and laughing our guts out over old jokes and Tuft's latest ones. I tell you the kid is as witty as can be.
I can tell Sonny is loving having his good bud around the house.
I don't think I have ever seen better friends than these two.
I got to be a part of their "in" crowd about 7 years ago when Sonny put a ring on it. :)
I definitely don't think I realized back then just how much their friendship would impact my life for the good.

Sonny and Tuft go waaaay back.
They've been friends since 7th grade.
Their story: They were drawn together because they were both awkward, shy kids back in the corner of the Jr. High dances kicking balloons at the wall. They met there and decided "why not kick balloons together? Two awkward shy kids is better than one. right?"
I think there was a little more to it than that, but heck, I'll go with it.
They became fast best friends. Neither of them had to say much to understand what the other was thinking. I've heard many stories of them skipping out on parties to sit in the hot tub, down some sparkling cider, and make up rhyming songs. I know. It sounded a little "gay" to me in the beginning too, but once I got to know these two together it was quite a magical thing.
Justin has always put it best when he says, "We're just brothers from another mother."
So true. They are brothers.
They've been there for each other thru everything.
Parent divorces, broken bones, broken hearts, cancer treatments, and a lot of disappointments.
They said no to drugs together, made some decent decisions and got each other out on missions too.
They always believed in one another and pushed the other to do their very best in all things.
I know I have said it before, but when I married Sonny, It really was a package deal.
If I didn't like Justin (and vise versa)...well, that was it for me.
Luckily, Justin is and has always been one of the greatest people I've ever known, so I absolutely didn't mind having him over 3-4 nights a week for dinner.
He came along on trips, movie nights, and even my family reunions too.
He was at the hospital with me after Sonny's first cancer treatment and he was the first person Sonny called when we thought Lulu might have down syndrome.
He was part of Sonny's family and quickly became mine as well.

As you all probably know by now (if you read my old blog at all) September 7, 2006 Justin left our home on his Harley and was hit head on by a van.
He suffered a traumatic brain injury and several other injuries including a stroke that has left his left side partially paralyzed.
It has been a long and difficult road for Justin and his family and I could write a hundred posts on the many ways that they (his mom and sister) have become heroes in my life, but for this post I just want to write about my sweet hubby and a friendship that has endured it all.
See, this morning, I opened my eyes at about 6:30 and witnessed the most beautiful scene.
My husband shaving his best friend's face and head.
I know it doesn't sound like much but the tenderness of it took my breath away.
I could see it all through the reflection of my bedroom mirror into the bathroom by the sink.
Justin was sitting in his wheelchair with a towel around his neck. His face and head were covered in shaving cream and Sonny was gently and smoothly working away.
They weren't saying much except for the occasional soft whispered thank you from Justin.
I had to wipe away my tears staring at this scene and I reflected on how much these two have taught me about friendship. Nothing has broken them and nothing ever will.
I have watched Sonny fall to his knees in desperate prayer to save his friend, take on Dr.'s who weren't willing to give him a chance, stand by a bedside for an hour waiting for a hand squeeze, and shed a hundred tears when he heard his familiar nickname "Sonny Red" whispered.
He has fed, clothed, bathed, washed, wiped, stretched, walked, and loved his friend any and every moment that Justin has needed him.
It has been so humbling and beautiful to watch,
and the one time that I asked Sonny why he felt like he needed to wake up at 6:30 in the morning to head over to Kolob to feed Justin before work, he replied,
"Because he would do it all for me...only 10x better."
It's true.
I always knew they were best friends, but I don't think I realized how much deeper their bond really was. It's like they were placed on this earth for each other.
Justin needed Sonny and Sonny needed Justin.
I needed them both.
I have learned so much from these two men in my life.
Justin teaches me to live life to the fullest, to see the good in everyone, to pray like you mean it, to love and appreciate the little things in life like tying my shoes, to say thank you, to laugh when you feel like crying, and to smile...a lot.
And Sonny has taught me tenderness, kindness, love, and how to serve when no one's watching.
(among other things) :)
That sweet little moment I viewed this morning will forever change me.
I will always love my sweet husband a little more for giving tender service to a dear friend and I will always be impacted with Justin's soft and boundless gratitude.
It was a good sunrise.

the end.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fire Station

{May 7}
We got a call Saturday morning (after grad day) that some of my family were in town for little Kobe's baptism.
They were having a luncheon up at the Davis County fire station.
Of course, we couldn't miss that kind of a party, so we loaded the kids up in the Odyssey and headed North.
It was so good to see everyone, but I think the highlight was definitely seeing my little boy in his own little fire man Heaven.

My cousin Riley, who is the real fireman, let my the Rockstar play a little dress up.
Oh my goodness, my little guy was BEAMING!
Sorry Ladies. He's 3.
We tried to get Lulu to join in, but she wasn't having it.
I'm guessing since she didn't see any hot pink ones, she figured it wasn't her sort of thing.
Such a girl.

me & Jen
It was so good catching up with her! We grew up like sisters and now, well, life's happened.
We just don't see each other nearly enough.
Lulu enjoying some cake.
I seriously lost track of how many pieces she consumed.
I kept saying no more, but every time I turned around there she was batting her eyelashes at papa for another. Of course, he couldn't resist spoiling the girl.

Miss Lulu & Grandma

Saydee. Jen. Me. Mom. Grandma. Aunt LeAnne. Tammi.
Making sillies.

I believe this is right after my grandma said
"Oh just take the damn picture!"
Haha. Love my granny!

Gigi racing Daddy.
Aunt Leanne. Uncle Curt.

We only stayed for about an hour before everyone had to get back on the road.
I could have stayed all day. Darn it.
It was great to catch up and feel at home for a while.
Wish we all lived a little closer and got to have those moments a whole lot more.
On the way home my grandma and Jen got in a little accident.
My Grandma wasn't feeling well, so she went to the hospital.
She had suffered a heart attack and stroke, so they kept her for a couple of days.
She's doing okay now, but it gave us all a scare.
I just can't imagine losing that little lady. Really. I don't even like to think about it.
I'm so glad I got to see her for a bit that day and give her a squeeze.

Love you Grandma.
Take Care of yourself and I'll see you for a visit in June.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bringing the 80's back...Joe Dirt style.

Last week the kiddos tagged along with me to activity days for some tye dying.
Goodness. They had a good time creating!
I've always thought tye dying was more of a 70's look, but these two remind me a little more of the Billy Ray Era. 
Haha! Especially, the one on the left.

 Sonny came up, took one look at the Rockstar and asked,
"What's up with Joe Dirt?"
Haha! So true. He even has the mullet to complete the look.

Gigi wasn't liking all the attention elsewhere.
Meet the apple of our eye.
Seriously. Do girlies get any cuter? 
I sure don't think so.

We'll for sure be doing this activity again.
Though, I'm thinking the shirts will be kept as Jammies.
And the Rockstar is on the schedule to get a haircut soon.
But in the meantime, Bring on the dirty 80's!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the after party.

I knew that I wanted to make Sonny's graduation day a special one and throw a little celebration for the graduate,
but I wasn't sure which direction to go...
(I seem to be lacking that darling-party-throwing-gene)
So, feeling overwhelmed, I went to my SIL, Erica (who seems to have this gene in the plenty) and asked if she could help me out a little?
She said Yes! sigh. :)
It was so fun seeing her in Hostess/party throwing mode.
Her excitement definitely rubbed off on me as she started calling, texting, and emailing me with new ideas and designs for the celebration.

I don't think I was much help at all.
Sonny and I had the bright idea to start painting our entire house the week before.
(I know, we're not the smartest)
I did manage to slap some stamps on the invites the week before though.
They were perfect.
Erica came on over while we were at the ceremony and set the house all up.
I know. So nice!
I loved walking in and seeing the house all decked out.
It honestly made a difference in the day.
Ha. Gotta love the multi colored house.
(the kitchen, the wall around the pantry, and kitchen ceiling are the new paint colors.)
Can't wait for it to be all done.

Kara. Maddie.

Jen. Kole.
Duane. Terry.
Dad. Mom.
Sonny got pretty spoiled.
Jen. Erica. Me.
Ciara. Me.
Tony. Carver. Carrie.
(Carrie is actually the one that convinced us to paint the whole house. Ha. So much work, but we are loving the difference. Thanks Carrie!:))
sneaking her 5th cupcake.
Olive. Chris.
Rockstar. Harlan.


The day flew by in such a blur.
I seriously don't remember a whole lot.
(Ha. Isn't that the way it always is with parties at your house!?)
We sure did feel loved though.
Everyone who came has helped us immensely throughout the schooling process.
There are also many others who have been there for us that couldn't make it.
Thank you. We are so grateful to the families and friends who have blessed our lives so much.
We promise we will be hanging out a lot more now that school is over. :)

And again, Thank you Erica.
You saved me.
I do have to admit, the party planning was a lot more fun and easier than I thought it would be.
(ha. probably because she did most the work)
Heck, maybe I'll throw a darling party a time or two for my kiddos sometime.

That night Sonny and I celebrated some more with Sushi, shopping, a movie, and nachos (hey, we like to eat)
Thanks mom & Dad for taking care of the kiddos.
It was a long, wonderful, magical day.

The End.
to this post
and school.