Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Called to Serve.

Last night we had our Monday Family Home Evening Lesson on Missions and what it means to be a missionary.
We had a ball and I think it will be one my kids will remember...and if not they will read about it in the blog book. :)
We started the night with a Filipino meal to honor Daddy's missionary days. Sonny was in Heaven eating the beef and rice with coconut oil. He showed us how to eat the whole meal with our fingers just like the filipinos do. The kids had a hoot trying that out and I tried my hardest to ignore all the sticky fingers being wiped EVERYWHERE besides the napkin to the side of their plate! Daddy told stories about his mission and why he decided to dedicate 2 years of his life to the Lord. Then the kids picked mission calls out of a bowl. We made a big deal about it...drawing out the process with the whole lead in sentence to mission calls. They were leaping with anticipation.
Lulu::Beijing, China
the Rockstar::Moscow, Russia (gulp)
Gigi::Guatemala City, Guatemala
They were so excited!! We raced to the computer to look up the language they'd be speaking, see some of the architecture, and view the people they would be serving.
We sang Called to Serve, bore testimonies, called them to serve, and Daddy closed the prayer in Togalo.
The kiddos cracked right up when he said something that sounded like "dum-dum"
Of course, the Rockstar kept repeating that all night long sending them into hysterics.
Future missionaries?
Ha! Good thing we got a while to prepare. :)

*and for the record, my kiddos will not be going to china, guatemala, or russia unless i am hidden in some suitcase packed on the plane with them. i'm thinking cheyenne, wyoming sounds like a good one. :)


erica said...

aw man, i wish you would have reminded me to make you the philippines print. would have been a little added touch to your darling lesson.

im dying at how old little gigi looks with her hair in a pony in the easter post. i love the black and white pictures of your two girlies :)
so cute!

Terry said...

Great Idea for a family home evening. Looked like so much fun.