Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bringing the 80's back...Joe Dirt style.

Last week the kiddos tagged along with me to activity days for some tye dying.
Goodness. They had a good time creating!
I've always thought tye dying was more of a 70's look, but these two remind me a little more of the Billy Ray Era. 
Haha! Especially, the one on the left.

 Sonny came up, took one look at the Rockstar and asked,
"What's up with Joe Dirt?"
Haha! So true. He even has the mullet to complete the look.

Gigi wasn't liking all the attention elsewhere.
Meet the apple of our eye.
Seriously. Do girlies get any cuter? 
I sure don't think so.

We'll for sure be doing this activity again.
Though, I'm thinking the shirts will be kept as Jammies.
And the Rockstar is on the schedule to get a haircut soon.
But in the meantime, Bring on the dirty 80's!


Jodi said...

Seriously, he looks just like a mini Joe Dirt. That is hilarious!!!! That Rock Star sure looks like a fun little boy. I love all of his pictures. They just make me laugh!

eMily eLiZaBeTh said...

We need to have an 80's party
that is, after the white trash bbq im throwing this summer...bring gigi in a poopie diaper(only)..she will match harrison its the best kind of bbq i know. hot dogs and slop
your kids are darling as always :)

Terry said...

i remember doing those shirts for my girls. It was so much fun. Great idea. Those girls that you teach are in for a treat with you.