Friday, March 23, 2012

Family Pictures

It's a wonderful life.


Thank you Aunt Ashlee.
I am so completely and utterly in love with every single picture.
You all should be grateful I didn't post all 667 of them.
I was tempted :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Gale Center

There is one place beside all the rest that my kiddos would choose even over Disney...
and it is local
The Gale Center
This little slice of Heaven is a small museum less than 5 miles away from us.
It is full of history, items that we just don't see every day like butter churns, record players, and Indian TeePees. 
The kids favorite part are the play areas where they get to dress up in pioneer outfits and imagine a simple (and much harder) life.

These pictures were taken on a trip last June,
but we go often.
In fact, we went just yesterday and took Aunt Jen, Taryn, and Kole there with us.
Both of us forgot our cameras though. Boo.

The Gale Center also has an old store to play in (pic above), old school, and a mining center where you can find a little treasure (tin foil balls)
The sweetest (and sometimes grumpy) elderly people volunteer there and if your lucky you will get a tour from someone who really tells you about life back in the day.
I always leave feeling like I want to throw away my TV and buy a cow.
Seriously, sometimes I wish things hadn't changed so much.

If you come visit me sometime, I will take you there,
cause guess what....the place only costs

Back in Time::Summertime chores

Okay, I know this is more than a few posts.
I can't believe I missed so much of our summer last year, but in my defense all these posts
have been sandwiched between Sonny's graduation, Our Cancun trip, and a family reunion.
I guess I must have been photo overwhelmed.
oh wells. It's almost over.
{Summer 2011}
We spent a lot of our sunny days working on our front yard and putting in a fireplace.
The kids are still too young to realize this isn't at all fun.
And we take advantage of that.

 Well, I guess it's not always full of smiles.
Poor little thing.