Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back in Time::FHE

  Justin's last night here, we invited some close friends over for a special FHE night.
Justin told a little bit of his story, overcoming obstacles, 
and the faith and positive perspective that keeps him going.
It was so great to share his light with some of our great neighbors.

We are looking forward to having Tuft here again this next summer.
He just brightens up our home a bit.
And I hear we are not the only ones who crave to be around him.
He is making the rounds speaking at all sorts of different programs, conventions, schools, and firesides.
Seriously, If you live in the St George area, you need to look him up.
He has a great message about persevering. about faith. about hope. and mostly about love.
Plus, he will make you laugh a lot.

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