Thursday, March 8, 2012

uh...Happy Birthday!

If you have been around our little darling at all the past few months,
then you will know that every day is a Happy Birthday Day!
Gigi has developed the cutest habit since her December birthday and she greets everyone and anyone
with the birthday wish.
"Gigi, what's your name?
"uh...Happy Birthday!!"
"How are you baby girl?"
"uh...Happy Birthday!!"
"Goodnight Princess."
"uh...Happy Birthday!"
You get the picture.
It is my FAVORITE thing in the world
and I am already dreading the day she might grow out of it.
For now, we celebrate it!

Other Gi-isms:
When she is "toopy" (poopy) 
G: "Somebody smells stinky!"
M: "Is it you?"

If someone wrongs her
(with a look that can kill)

Every morning she asks for an "ABCDEFG!"
which translates to a vitamin C. :)

She also sings at the top of her lungs the following songs:
Old McDonald
A Child's Prayer
"Hebenly Faber...."
and of course
Happy Birthday to you

We get a kick out of our Gigi every single day.
Seriously, she's the best.

Uh...Happy Birthday!!


Terry said...

Watch out mom and dad with that girl and those unbelievably beautiful eyes.

Ashlee said...

Pretty pretty girl!