Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back in Time::Zoo life

We got back from visiting my parents home in Idaho on Sunday.
A lot of changes happened there (more to come on that later...crazy stuff), 
but first I want to do some catching up on some of my "blog holes." 
As I said in the post below, I went thru all my photos on my computer last week to clean it up--
and of course I found quite a few missed blog posts.
I keep trying to ignore them, but everytime I sit down to do a recent post, I am being haunted by these forgotten memories...
So my apologies as I rewind a little back in 2011
starting with

The ZOoOOoo
Justin (aka Uncle Tuft) came to stay with us for a week.
Among the planned entertainment was a trip to the zoo.
Here are the pics to prove it happened :) 

 Goodness. We got to get back there soon.
We are season passers and the weather is looking glorious!
We just got to get Uncle Tuft back up here...
don't think it will be the same without our favorite guy.

oh and just as a side note::If my memory serves me right, this was the zoo trip that the tiger came so close to us--right up to the fence. He was massive and we admired him for quite some time when all of a sudden he turned, looked right at me and roared (or do they growl?).
I scrame and jumped into the arms of a stranger.
He seriously wanted to eat me.
Sonny and Tuft wouldn't stop talking about it. hehe. 
Maybe you had to be there ?? :)

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erica said...

way to get updated!!!
uh this just gives me anxiety thinking about all the work i have to do. blah.