Sunday, March 11, 2012


So I am going thru all of my photos on my computer (deleting/organizing...i know. stink.) per the hubby's request.
He's been asking me to deal with the "snarly mess" for the last few years.
I have finally agreed, because I am pretty sure the thing is going to crash on me any day now.
For reals.
I am actually quite enjoying myself looking back in history and seeing our great little life thru each year
Most of the photos have made it on the blog, but some have not...
such as this little treasure...
I am baffled.
How in the world did I miss posting that beauty!?

Haha!! I just love it.
If I am really (and I mean really) close friends with you
I will mimick this exact face if you ask me to the next time I see you.
Seriously, I can finally see that me and her kind of look alike.

Oh and for the record, this is totally making the wedding video in 20+ years.
oh yeah :)


Jen said...

Best. Face. EVER!

The Bubblegum Chronicles said...
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carrie said...

I want her to do this face while saying "Happy Birthday!" I love her, so cute!

Tricia Lovato said...

Ok, I am so asking you to do this face next time I see you so beware ;)

Terry said...

She will not like you if you post that in 20 years but I hope I'm around to see it.