Thursday, March 31, 2011

Date nights


Lulu is still talking about this special night that her and Daddy went on a fancy shmancy date!!
It all started with the lucky man showing up to the door with a couple dozen of Miss Tutti Frutti's favorite flowers....Daisys!! 
She was ecstatic to say the least!
The rest of the night was filled with a magical dance (basically prom night for 5 year olds), a catered dinner, souvenir pictures, princess sightings (Belle!), crafts, and lots and lots of grooving!
In fact, Daddy came back pretty darn pooped. I guess Lulu hit up the dance floor all the night long wearing the old man right out. :) That's my girl!

The Rockstar and I had are own special date night in.
well, we had a little pipsqueak that tagged along with us for a good part of it. :)

We wrestled, played Memory (the kid totally cheats!), baked muffins, made up stories, ate muffins, and laughed a lot.
I love date nights.
I'm thinking me and Sonny are due for one together though,
and he set the bar pretty high....
I better be getting 2 dozen flowers the next time he picks me up for a night out at Applebees and the Redbox.
He tells me I need to be more clear in my expectations of him, so here's a *HINT* babe...
**my favorites are roses** 

just sayin. :)

*oh yes, and i swear that my daughter owns other dresses. we're just fans of this red one. obviously.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jesus wants me for a...


The Rockstar started primary back in January.
It has NOT been the smoothest transition to say the least. 
Apparently, church without toys and snacks is not his cup of tea. crazy.
In the beginning, Sonny and I were taking turns going to class with him. 
Fortunately this gave us the opportunity to experience our cute boy in action... 
like how when he is asked to give the prayer in class, he calmly walks to the front of the class, folds his arms, bows his head, squeezes his eyes shut and....
Oh my goodness. It just makes us melt.
Or the fact that he tells his teachers he has no idea what Family Home Evening is...
Awesome. Way to make me look good Ru!
He is doing a lot better now though thanks to the Presidency switching him to a new class with his friends
 and his little red blankie he gets to take if he is having a hard time.
He sure is learning a lot. The lesson on the Holy Ghost must have really stood out to him, 
because he informs me that I am making the "Holy Ghost run away" allll day long.
"Clean your room please!"
"Mama, you just made the Holy Ghost run away."

"Don't hit your sister!"
"Mama, the Holy Ghost just ran away."

"Do not throw that block!"
" get the picture...

Haha. At least he is learning something in know since we NEVER do FHE in our home. :) Good Grief.

Little Rockstar I think your making Jesus pretty proud of his new little Sunbeam!
You sure brighten my life each and everyday!

Sunday Best

Sorry for the picture overload...
They're just so dang cute in their fancies.
I Luva Luva Luva these three!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ladies in Red


Goodness. These two just melt my heart.
Cutest gals in creation.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Meet the Bubblegums!

::Mr. Hubba Bubba::
We call him Sonny.
He grew up with the nick name Sonny-Red created by his friends. 
(? something about a red hat he use to always wear?)
He's finishing his masters in Architecture (done in May-yippee!!) and owns his own business designing custom homes. He is as busy as can be. His instructors don't know he works, and most his clients don't know he's in school. How he keeps them all happy and still manages to take such good care of me and the kiddos, I shall never know. I'm just thankful.
If you know him, you pretty much love him. He is kind, loving, strong (go ahead and flex baby:)), funny, tender, smart, hard working, and full of adventure! I know. He's the real deal.
He loves being active and has a real passion for Mountain biking as well as racquetball and frisbee.
He loves his family and always puts us first.
He hates driving a minivan, but does it anyway to make me happy (see line above:))
He doesn't know how to put his dirty clothes in the hamper, but does the dishes.
He loves going out on dates and always wants to plan a getaway.
He is the best daddy & hubby around. We're pretty lucky to have Mr. Hubba Bubba.
He takes good care of us.

::Mrs. Bubblicious::
(pretty sad that this is one of the only pictures of just me by myself...pregnant)
Me. They call me Kit. I actually grew up with the nickname Krick, but my cousin (love you Tyla!) always called me Kit. Sonny likes it, so it has stuck.
I'm a mom. I'm a nurse too, but I'll claim motherhood above that.
I love being a mom!! Seriously. It is the best. I think it's really all I've ever wanted to do. Plus, my kids make it easy to love. They are an adorable little bunch and keep me plenty busy.
Just a few of the my favorite things::a good book, a bubble bath, a good bargain, cooking, good friends, my family, Relief Society, yoga, writing about my family, and reality TV :) 
I hate grocery shopping and scrubbing the shower. 
I do love Laundry (which I hear is uncommon)
I have a passion for health. I LOVE learning about it. I love feeding my kids green smoothies and feeling good about the meals I prepare. I have learned it can be a touchy subject sometimes, and I have to keep my mouth shut, but on here I will shout it from the roof top or just share recipes and little tid bits of knowledge I get. I have some good ones too. 
Oh and I've ran 2 marathons. I can say that right? Or is that crossing the line of bragging...sorry. I can't even run 3 miles these days, so I'm pretty proud that I accomplished 26.2....twice. 
But I'm even prouder that I had my last little baby all naturell.....Afterall, It was 26.2 times harder!
Before you start thinking I'm AMAZING, I'll let you know that I can't carry a tune and I have a crooked toe. (weird)
I'm excited to be blogging again. I intend for this blog to be "real" As much as I like to believe our lives here at the Bubblegum house are pretty magical, we also have our hard no good days as well. I intend to blog about it all, because I want to remember it all. Life is good...but it can be tough too.

::Tutti Frutti::
We call her Lulu.
Oh my goodness. If the world could just duplicate her a few hundred times...It would truly be a different place. Or will just have only her, and I'm pretty sure she might change the world. She has a light quality about her...meaning she lights up others. I love sitting back and watching the joy she can bring to others. She has a heart of gold. I find myself wanting to shield her from the world, because she sees goodness in everything and I'm afraid of that ever being changed. 
She cries during sad cartoons.
She loves Jesus, and has a gift of knowing the right thing to do.
She's a leader.
She loves to sing, dance, go garage selling with her mama, gymnastics, learning, coloring, reading, playing with friends, and eating.
She loves hotdogs (gulp)
She also loves learning about health and baking.
She was a hard fussy baby.
She is the best older sister and watches out over her brother and sister fiercely. No one messes with them.
She wants to be a cheerleader when she grows up. (double gulp)
She knows who she is, but is shy.
She is starting kindergarten soon and is so excited. We're sad to share her for half the day. 
Her favorite singer is Taylor Swift and she can sing most her songs by memory, though she will only perform for our little family.
She loves lady bugs, anything pink, stickers, boxes, jewelry, perfume, and shoe shopping.
The rare time that she gets upset she grunts and hits the air...It's actually kind of hilarious and Sonny can do the best impression of it....always makes me laugh.
She's so easy to please and such a joyful girl.
We're blessed to have her.

We call him Ru or the Rockstar.
Oh where would I be without my little Rockstar!!?? He makes life....FUN!
He's such a funny little bugger, full of personality. He's full of confidence and I love it.
He knows who he is, knows what he wants, who he likes, and what he is willing to do.
He definitely lets you know it too.
He's the kind of boy who will pick staying home with his sister and playing over any playdate in the world.
He loves being home, and I love that about him.
He loves to have some attention on him and is willing to bring out all the goofiness he can to get it on him.
He loves making up words and usually says "poop" after everything to see if he can get a laugh.
Ha. Such a boy.
He's a vegetarian.
He loves green smoothies, munching on spinach, and eats about 7 apples a joke.
He's tough.
He is very talented at sports, and Loves basketball.
He loves guns.
When he says prayers in his primary class, he stands up, walks to the front of the room and kneels.
He won't clean...unless he's getting a gumball at the end of it.
He has a pretty short fuse...jumps and screams when he's mad...getting better at that.
He loves to cuddle and needs a lot of touch throughout the day...I'm so good with sitting on the couch and holding him too.
He has a very tender heart.
He likes getting into mischief.
He doesn't like being without his Lulu and he is VERY protective of his baby sister too. Always offering suggestions to me on how to take care of her right. Ha. I should probably listen.
If he's mad, he threatens "If you do that again mama, I will NEVER kiss you again!"
He makes us laugh everyday. He is so cute and very loyal to his family. I adore having a son.
He truly makes life an adventure and brings out the goofiness in us all.

We call her Gigi.
Oh our little baby girl!! She is the cutest thing around!
One word to describe her at 15 months old....DIVA!!!
She pretty much rules the roost around here. Always being held, always has 3 sippy cups to choose from, screeches and throws a fit if she hears the word "no," and has her daddy completely wrapped around her little finger. In fact, If he's home, she's attached to his hip.
She loves her bottles and blankies. She loves stuffed animals and believes she is the owner of each and everyone ever made. Usually she is trying to crawl around the house with 3 blankies, 5 stuffed animals, and 2 sippy cups.
She walks, but prefers to crawl.
She entertains us all and she loves our attention.
She fakes choking to get our attention at times...lil stinker.
She adores her brother and older sissy and loves that they adore her.
She loves to make us laugh.
She answers "ya" to any question.
She says uh-oh, mama, nigh-nigh, bye, and shakes her head furiously for no.
She grunts all the time.
She loves shoes. She won't wear headbands/bows, but loves her mama's accessories.
She loves to wear necklaces.
She's a teeny little thing.
She's a little sensitive.
She loves to snuggle, she loves to be rocked, and she gives the best wet, open mouthed kisses in the world!
Every morning, she wakes up starts shrieking (happy shrieks) and her brother and sister join her in her crib. Lulu blasts her Taylor Swift cd and the three of them jump and dance in the crib. This buys me just enough time to hurry and jump in the shower, because when Miss Gigi is full attention is on her. 
We love our baby girl! She is so very precious and pretty much defines the word adorable!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Wow. Is it ever good to be back in the blogosphere!!
Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed the three month break hanging and spending my evenings watching the Bachelor (go emily!!!), but eventually that stuff gets a little old (the show ended) and a girl has to start writing again. :)
So here I am!!! Woo-hoo!
I have a lot to catch up on...Sonny's new calling, The Rockstar starting Primary, Lulu's special date night, Gigi's first steps, and me finishing all 6 blog books (you heard me right...6!!) from our previous family blog.
Find some blurb coupons here btw.
Life has been pretty darn busy and I will be sure to cram it all in thru the next week or so, but for starters let me just say...
Welcome to...

The Bubblegum Chronicles!!

Whatcha think?? a little corny, cheesy, weird,....darling!!!??
That's okay, because I'm pretty sure I could use all those words to describe this suuweet little family of mine.
Just for my own journaling purposes, I'll explain what lead to the new look...
Rewind. 6 months ago. I was battling with going private for our family blog and I discovered that a private blog is super easy to break into...kind of defeating the purpose of going private. right? I started wishing I had set up the blog without so much personal information (real names), so in my spare time (when I'm not cross stitching) I daydreamed about fun little new blog ideas and pressed forward with making the old one private.
I didn't think I would ever really change over, but then one day, I was at my computer and my kids started the daily begging for a gumball out of the jar that sits above my computer (we're all addicted to the little chews), and it hit me...What if we were each named after a different flavor of bubble gum?...What if I titled it The Bubblegum Chronicles?...What if my 15 month old actually started sleeping through the night if I called her something like Bubbles!!?? 
(Okay. I'm getting a little crazy.)
I don't know I just liked it.
So here we are.
I'm so excited to catch up with you all. I know I've missed out on so much!

I hope you enjoy reading about our lovely giggly tales...
and I'll be sure to include all the sticky ones too. Promise.

p.s. if you have a private blog will you add me?
i'm deleting my old one. thank you!