Monday, October 28, 2013

The Witch

  {October 5, 2012}
In our house, Sonny is definitely the crafter...
I'm more of the pinner :)
Truly, I do not have the patience or the steady hand to get things working right.
Sonny, on the other hand, basically got his Master's in Crafts (aka Architecture school),
so it works.
Well, I have been dying for him to make this witch for a few years now,
and over conference weekend He did!
Augh, Nothing sexier than a man crafting...

 See, Perfectionist.
 A little spray paint and wa-laa!


So excited to have this as a new family tradition!
It really was pretty simple too, at least from where I was standing ;)

And, That's a wrap.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm going there someday

 {October 1, 2012}
Since moving here, we have made several trips to the St George Temple.
Sonny and I married in the Idaho Falls temple, but we claim this one as ours.
I have so many memories of walking the grounds of this gorgeous building during my chaotic days of college...trying to figure out my future, writing goals, or just sitting on a bench and crying over a broken heart a time or two.
There is not a place on Earth that gives me more comfort than inside these walls.
And I want my children to recognize that same comfort for themselves,
so our FHE's often consist of walking these grounds. 

I always walk away with a heart full of gratitude that this life is not the end.
I truly know that.
This little family is everything to me,
and I will always be praying that these kids develop their own testimony of this gospel
and the blessings the temple brings.

Who in the world has a splash pad in their back yard!?

Um, we do.
Well, our Landlords do,
but for $1450 a month
(plus a $600 monthly power bill....yes you read that right. freak!)
We do!
{September 26, 2013} 
This move has not been an easy one.
I'm sure I haven't covered this on here before, but our old hood was a dream ;)
The kids had friends in just about every house on our street, and there was always a party going on.
We now live in the center of downtown, and I'm pretty sure we are the youngest family on our block by a few decades.
The kids truly don't have many kids to play with and, although, I am making progress with Mabel and Gertrude, I'm not sure they will be inviting me out to ice cream anytime soon.
Thank goodness for the cute little hispanic family across the street, who despite not knowing a lick of English, wave their hands frantically and holla (from their hammocks) every time we step out on our porch.
It has definitely been hard to adjust to the lack of little knocks at my door and the quietness,
but this back yard has definitely made for an easier adjustment.
I mean really. Somebody pinch me. 

We are hoping to build soon and drop our power bill by a few 100 dollars,
PS. we keep our temp at 82 in the summer, so its not like we're overdoing the ac. 
but I am pretty sure we will miss this pad.
It's been pretty awesome.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


So this might be like my 5th (or 11th) post about starting up this blog again.
And each time, I really and truly mean it....really.
BUT then it just doesn't happen.
I have some great excuses too.
Too far behind.
No one reads blogs anymore anyways.
No time.
Instagram is the new blog world, and I should embrace that.
No time.
blah, blah, blah.

And Life goes on.
Pictures are taken,
and stored somewhere in my jacked-up-snarly-web of iPhoto never to be seen again
I'm totally going to organize that one day too.
(please refer to 3rd and 5th excuse above)
Memories are made,
and forgotten.
And the clock just ticks away with no blog posts or journaling done.

It actually depresses me.
I miss it.
Blogging made me feel connected, not just with all of you, but with myself. My life.
Does that even make sense?
Like, I could sit in front of this computer and shed tears while I poured out frustrations of motherhood,
or laugh as I retold the funny little story about one of the kids.
It helped me to take a step back and reflect.
I could see my life in a whole new light.
With humor, pride, and the beauty of all the small moments.
SO I'm going to give it another go, because
I want to...
I need to...
remember these moments.

Bare with me.
I am a solid year behind.

i think i can,
i think i can,
i think i can.