Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Mama Sings

My mom has one of the prettiest voices you've ever heard.
Like a God given talent kind of voice.
(she passed it on one. boo)
In fact, she traveled all over the US and Europe when her and my Dad were dating singing
her little guts out at cool places like Carnegie Hall and what not.
When she became a wife/mother though, it was one of the things that she sacrificed for the family.
(love you mom)
This year, she went back to it...
She enrolled in School and tried out for the local University's Women's Choir.
She was so nervous. 
She called me every day for the entire week before tryouts always about to back out
saying "I don't have it in me anymore. My voice isn't anywhere near what it used to be."
I knew she could do it though.
And she did.
She knocked their socks off.
Tonight, was her last performance for the year and my Dad was kind enough to send us video and this blurry picture :)
My mom is the cute little gal on the right,  2nd row, 2nd in.

Wish we could have been there tonight Mama,
listening to your beautiful voice and watching you in your element.
I am so very very proud of you.
Take it all in.
This is you.
Hugs & Kisses

Monday, April 16, 2012

Our Home For Sale

Just as my sob story said below, we are sad to be leaving this great place.
We hope another family can live here and love it as much as we have.
So here it is.
For Sale By Owner in Daybreak (South Jordan, UT)
(on the greatest street in the best neighborhood...our opinion:))


Living Room/Office

 Dining Nook
 Great Room

 Laundry on main level
Master on main level with bathroom (separate tub/shower) and walk in closet.
 Upstairs Room (Rockstar's)
Upstairs Bedroom (Lu's and the Queen's)
  Finished Basement

 Gas Firepit in front.
 Large Backyard (Daybreak standards:))

::Here are the Stats::
3700 square feet.
5 bedrooms
3.5 bath
2 car garage
0.17 acre
Built in 2005

::And what I put on KSL::
Beautiful Home for Sale by Owner in the wonderful neighborhood of Daybreak (South Jordan, UT). This neighborhood was voted #1 best neighborhood in the nation. Lake, temple, walking trails, gym, pool, volleyball, basketball courts, several parks, and great schools all within walking distance.
Home is 3700 sq ft. 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bath, living room/office, HUGE kitchen/great room, high ceilings, great flowing floor plan, finished basement, storage loft above garage, TONS of storage, view of mountains, large backyard, firepit, garden boxes, and the list goes on and on :)

The street is loaded with kids and great families. A dream location!!!

I have to admit that there is a large part of me that wants this place to take a while to sale.
It is home. We just love it here,
but then I get excited for what is to come...Life is good.

Please pass this along to anyone you know of that is looking for a great place to live.

Oh and just a side note:: I also put NO REALTORS!!! (just like that too, capitals and exclamation mean business) on KSL.
And Guess What!? I have had about 35 calls from Realtors. It is breaking me down too.
I started out strong saying "NO THANK YOU!" But they are just persistent. I even ended up agreeing for the last one to come over and show me what he does when he lists homes. He begged and begged and talked to me about family and the weather. I was toast.
 Augh. I am in trouble! Sonny tells me a person could sell me a dirty diaper and I would buy every time.
Freak. I hate saying no to people.

It's Official...We're selling

Sonny and I moved our little family to Northern Utah 4 years ago for him to go to school.
We searched high and low for a neighborhood that felt right, and the second we drove into Daybreak,
we knew it was where we needed to be.
We thought we would only live here 3 years, just long enough for him to finish his schooling 
and then head back South (home).
BUT we were not prepared to fall head over heels in love
with everything.
the people. the lake. the ward. the walking trails. the schools. the BBQs. the parks. the people. :) 
our home.
Seriously, I really feel like pinching myself every. single. day.
It is Heaven on Earth in this little land.
My kids have so many friends and they are all from stellar families.
We have felt so welcomed, loved, and at home.
Both of us had to admit though that it was time to start heading back.
We have both been feeling a little inkling that it is time to move on.
Sonny is traveling so much for work and it just makes sense.
So with heavy hearts we put up a sign last Saturday and made it official.
Our House is for Sale.
I am so sad, but excited for a new adventure in our little family's story.
My wish is that a new great family (Hope you are reading North family;))will pick up this home and love every second there as we have.

House pictures coming soon.

Easter @ our place.

easter baskets

 (we're  a bunch of weirdos around here)
our temple

 (love the Rockstar in this one. typical.)

The Easter bunny made a morning visit loading us up with kites, pez, new shoes, toys, kites, bibs, and swimsuits.
The kiddos were stoked to see it all.
We rummaged thru everything and then booked it to church (9am is a kicker)
Easter Sunday was beautiful. Every talk brought me to tears and then in Young Womens, I was toast!
Each of the leaders shared their favorite story about the Savior and then bore testimony.
I chose the story of the woman with the blood issue for 12 years who was healed when she touched Christ's robe.
She had suffered for over a decade (back then, women bleeding were considered filthy and were shunned from society) She had spent all her money going from Dr to Dr, but nothing worked.
She knew that if she could just touch his clothing, she would be healed.
(I want that faith)
She was healed immediately. And the Savior called her his. 
Daughter, Be of good comfort, thy faith hath made thee whole. Go now in peace.
I love that he took the time to stop and talk with her.
(he was on his way to bring Jairus' daughter back alive)
I have read that scripture countless times in my life Luke 8:48 
It has helped me so much. I always feel like he is speaking to me.

After church we drove up to the temple with the Olsons to take some pictures.
We hung around for a little while and just enjoyed our Easter together.
Later, we watched Testaments and made a commitment to do all the bunny stuff on the Saturday before.
I think Sunday needs to be left for the real reason we celebrate.
(somebody please remind me of this plan next year.)

a testimony
He lives.
I have a testimony of that.
It is stronger this year than it was last year, and I hope that my knowledge of him will continue to increase.
Jesus Christ came on this Earth. He walked the dusty roads of Jerusalem, Nazareth, Galilee, Cana, and others :)
He taught, loved, served, healed, shared, prayed, and administered unto all that would hear him.
He atoned for my sins and every single other person who has ever and will ever live.
He suffered without complaint.
He was wrongly accused and put to death by the very people who were "waiting for him to come"
He was crucified.
But he, the son of God, came back. He was resurrected.
I know this to be true, and I am so very grateful to be a Christian.
May my life reflect his in any way possible will always be my prayer.

happy easter!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter at the Park

Our St George fam has the tradition of meeting at the park every Easter Saturday
to enjoy good food, baseball, easter egg hunts, and family.
We have been missing this for the past 3 years
(usually up north hunting for eggs in the joke)
Well this year, we were determined to make it and we are so glad we did.

Sandwiches, pop, chips, salads, fruit, and cookies.
oh my.

Miss Gi and cousin Olive.

 Check out Olive's booty shorts.
Ha. They kill me!
   A good game of ball.
 Emma discovered a caterpillar and the kiddies were going nuts over it.

 Seriously, NUTS. :)
Papa and the Rockstar squeezing in some giggles.
Gigi with her Grammy.
She loves this lady and begs (and pleads) to go to her house every. single. day.
Half the day is always filled with prepping the easter eggs...
finding the matching tops to bottoms.
Ha! I think I know what to get Grammy for mother's Day.

The kids cooling off in the nearby little stream.

   Love this baby.

 The Hunt Begins. Look how excited they are!

Terri striking a pose. love her.

A day of Perfection.
We didn't want to leave, 
but I had a lesson to help with in YW for Easter.
We hopped in the car on sugar highs and headed home.

Thank you Grammy for never disappointing on this tradition.
It's one of my favorites :)

And thanks for letting us crash at your house for a week. seriously. thank you.