Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter at the Park

Our St George fam has the tradition of meeting at the park every Easter Saturday
to enjoy good food, baseball, easter egg hunts, and family.
We have been missing this for the past 3 years
(usually up north hunting for eggs in the joke)
Well this year, we were determined to make it and we are so glad we did.

Sandwiches, pop, chips, salads, fruit, and cookies.
oh my.

Miss Gi and cousin Olive.

 Check out Olive's booty shorts.
Ha. They kill me!
   A good game of ball.
 Emma discovered a caterpillar and the kiddies were going nuts over it.

 Seriously, NUTS. :)
Papa and the Rockstar squeezing in some giggles.
Gigi with her Grammy.
She loves this lady and begs (and pleads) to go to her house every. single. day.
Half the day is always filled with prepping the easter eggs...
finding the matching tops to bottoms.
Ha! I think I know what to get Grammy for mother's Day.

The kids cooling off in the nearby little stream.

   Love this baby.

 The Hunt Begins. Look how excited they are!

Terri striking a pose. love her.

A day of Perfection.
We didn't want to leave, 
but I had a lesson to help with in YW for Easter.
We hopped in the car on sugar highs and headed home.

Thank you Grammy for never disappointing on this tradition.
It's one of my favorites :)

And thanks for letting us crash at your house for a week. seriously. thank you.


Terry said...

I love it. Every year there's a few more added to the family and it is the best. So glad that everyone makes the effort to be there. It is a fun tradition!

Tricia Lovato said...

What a fun tradition! I love it :) I love how excited the kids kid to run and find the eggs. I remember doing that when I was a kid and I could hardly wait too. I love the express on Lu's face with the caterpillar!

Ashlee said...

Oh my gosh this makes me so sad! Miss those nieces and nephews of mine! Cant wait for them to meet their new cousin!