Sunday, April 1, 2012

I hope I remember...

  • The Rockstar and Gigi playing on the lego table every morning. (saves me)
  • Gigi always pretending to be on the phone.
  • How it is possible for a brother and sister to be best of friends.
  • The sweetest 2 year old face in creation.
I hope I always remember just how glorious this time of life is.
It is hard. I cry and am frustrated a lot.
But mostly it is an amazing experience raising these 3 precious beings.
It kills me to think how fast they are growing.
I am grateful for this blog and especially my blog books from previous years that remind me 
just how great it has all been and how fun each stage is.

Seriously, Life is so good.


Ashlee said...

Ok these pictures are amazing! Teach me cause I dont remember :)

Pretty pretty children you have.

Tricia Lovato said...

You are such an amazing Mommy!