Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Brother

The Rockstar is your classic little brother.
He hits, annoys, pinches, tattles, cuts your dolls hair off and sometimes bites.
But he also makes you laugh, plays pretend, loves to cuddle,
and will defend and protect you against anyone.
I know that though Lu can be up the wall with him sometimes,
she wouldn't trade him for anything.
Nothing can replace a brother.

I would know. I have 2 of the greatest.


Ashlee said...

OH goodness gracious I love these kids. Beautiful pictures!

Tricia Lovato said...

So dang cute! Brothers can be torturous but they can also be the best thing ever. I love how they are the best of sweet! Her dates better watch out when she gets older, they are going to have to get through the Rockstar first ;)

Julie said...

He's a good brother! and friend :(