Sunday, April 1, 2012

Road Trips

I came across these pictures from our trip to Idaho for Christmas.
We left at 5 in the morning and since we don't ever have a TV/movies in our car
(you thought no one still traveled like that huh :))
it made for a great ride.
Don't you just love your sleeping children!?

I sure do love them.


Catherine said...

We don't have movies in our car either, and I hope we don't for a long time. I love busting out the games and activities from the "old days" that Wade and I used to play with our family and teaching them to our chilins. (ie: road trip songs, slug bug or hug bug, license plate or bill board find that letter games, etc) Good times.

And for the record, yes, your kiddos are SUPER cute sleeping in the car. :)

Tricia Lovato said...

For Christmas we had my Dad buy the kids each their own portable DVD players. Found a killer deal on them at Target. Best purchase EVER! He just sends us $ and lets us pick out their gift since he lives in Missouri ;) Our kids are a bit older so all they do is fight, fight and fight some more in the car. Now, as long as they have their headphones I have some sanity in the car again. Plus, they can use them at home too which is nice too.