Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Entertainment Girl

From the time Lu was a baby, she has had a passion for entertainment.
Honestly, one of the only ways I could get her to stop screaming when she was tiny 
was to turn on a movie.
We even have pictures of her 3 months old and glued to the tube!
(yeah, I shouldn't be proud of that huh)
Well, she still loves it.
She loves TV (don't worry, we way limit it now) and she LOVES music,
so when Grammy gave us an old I pod (i guess she took it away from a student and then forgot to give it back score!)
Sonny and I knew that we would pass it onto Lulu.
A few weeks ago we did and an obsession was born.

 Seriously, this girl could listen all day long if we let her.
The only music on there is Taylor Swift and Daddy uploaded some family pictures 
on it as well for her to scroll thru. I am amazed at how fast she learns to use techy things.
Honestly, she is WAY smarter than me on my computer.
Haha! Watch out Entertainment World
Lulu is a coming!
And she's amazing :)


Terry said...

She is such a sweet and beautiful girl, and so cute with a few missing teeth.

Tricia Lovato said...

Kylee got an ipod from her Dad for Christmas and just loves it. She is a music girl for sure. She will turn on her music and danse around her room to her Princess songs...I just love it! Lu is gorgeous!