Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Family Reunion 2011

{July 20-26}
We headed to Lava Hot Springs, ID for our annual reunion with my favorite family!
We started the activities lunch at the park followed by tubing down the river.
All the kids were nervous (including me and ShanTay who were remembering the huge gash Chaud got on his back a few years ago), but it turned out to be so much fun and free of any injuries.
Grandma Nita. Talen.
Kaylee. Lu. Ciara. Rochelle. Lyla.
Tayson. Mckelvey.
The Rockstar!
Ciara. Grandma. Mom. ShanTay. Me. Rochelle.

Gigi was in Heaven jumping on these tubes.
I honestly need to consider getting one in our back yard.
Ha. I probably wouldn't see the girl for hours.
(and i'm not saying that would be a bad thing. ;))

Don't I have the cutest nieces and nephews!?
Such a doll!
Chaud chillin with his best lady.
Derrick. Ava.


We did one run down the river and then I sat out to grab some pics.
I think I had an even better time sitting out and people watching.

I love this collage below.
I think I can almost make out what ShanTay is saying...:)

Happy to say that we all survived with no river injuries...
That night was a different story though.
(Serioulsy, Our family get togethers always seem to end up with someone calling an ambulance.)
We all went swimming at the local pools and jumping off the high dives.
The guys took some of the kids to go jump off the platforms (way too high for me)
Us girls were chatting over in the shallow side with the babes.
All of a sudden, someone screamed "Medic!" and everyone cleared the pool.
30 seconds later ShanTay took off running and screaming "Tayson!"
Our hearts sunk.
Tayson was being drug across the pool strapped in a floating gurney.
We thought it was real bad,
but it turned out that he had just hit his mouth/teeth and was really shook up.
It's procedure to call the ambulance and they checked him all out.
He was good. Phew!

So glad you're okay buddy.
Quite the eventful day.
Plenty more to come.

Stay tuned.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Claim to Fame

I have the most exciting news!
Dawn Meehan in my ward will be on Survivor this season!!!
It's so exciting, because not only is this little lady my neighbor, but she also happens to be one of the best people I have ever known.
Like really.
She has 6 kids (all adopted), serves EVERYONE, teaches English at BYU, home schools her youngens, bakes bread and takes it around the neighborhood, and to top it all off she's hilarious!!!
Like honestly, I get a little tongue tied when I'm around her because I am so in awe with the kind of gal she is.
And now you all get to see for yourselves!
Tune in this September.
She's totally gonna win! :)

And to give you a little Dawn dose click Here :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011



It's been 2 weeks.
I'm proud to say we are both surviving.
In fact, we are loving it!
Mrs. K is the best teacher around and little Lulu was made to go to school!
She brought her first reading book home today
and our whole house jumped for joy when our new student read the line,
all. by. herself.

Look out Harvard,
Miss Lulu's going to blow you away!

*side note:: I did not cry the first day of school. Got all my tears out the night before writing that Birthday letter. The next day, it was all smiles. How could I help it!? Lulu was beaming with excitement. She actually woke up at 7 am, got dressed, and sat on our front porch with back pack on until noon. Haha! Love her.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Soccer Mom



Anyone else out there have big dreams of becoming a soccer mom one day?
Driving a mini van with smelly socks, dirty kleets, lawn chairs stuffed in the back, and a trunk packed full of Caprisons and individual packets of cheezits?
Well I had that dream,
And this Summer it was fulfilled.
Lulu scored a goal on her 2nd game
and the Rockstar scored 3 goals last week on his final game!
Sonny and I were those embarrassing parents that scrame and gave the thumbs up sign constantly
(especially to the Rockstar who stopped every 5 seconds to see that little finger and return the cute)
We also proved our awesomness by sneaking behind the photographer and taking our own group shot.
We are that classy. :)

Go Sharks and Bumblebees!!
Can't wait for next season!