Sunday, August 7, 2011


{July 10}
We took Lulu to Cookie Cutters to get a cute little A-line Saturday night.
(Isn't she darling!?)
The new dew on little Lu made us quickly realize she wasn't the only kiddo that needed a trim...
Geesh! How'd we ever let it get so bad!

(Shh. Don't say anything, but I'm starting to realize the rockstar wouldn't make a bad girl. cutie pie.)
Daddy went and got the clippers and we got to work.

Business in the front....

Party in the back!!
We really thought about leaving the mullet just for the day to see what the neighbors would say...
But we decided we couldn't be that mean. :)

See! Look at how handsome.
Doesn't he look like a whole new boy!?
Always takes me a few days to get used to it.

Haha! Glad he still has his many moods.

Shaggied hair, mullet head, or buzzed,
I love him.


~Cmac~ said...

That is the sweetest mullet I've ever seen.

Catherine said...

Kit, I'm still LAUGHING OUT LOUD from the Rockstar's mullet! hehe And Lu is a beauty queen with that A-line.

Terry said...

Darling haircut on Lulu and hallarious on the Rock Star. He looks so handsome with new haircut. His faces are a kick.

Ashlee said...

bahahaha the mullet. is. amazing!
Just made my day!

nicole said...

You CRACK me up!! Totally should have kept the business look. That's classic!