Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Dear Gigi,

Oh little girl! You are 4 today!!! We have been counting down the days to this special one for the past, well, 8 months (good grief, I am glad it's finally here!) You have had it all mapped out, down to the very gifts you wanted from me and Daddy..."A colorful wand, a colorful necklace, a jewelry box, and a sparkle rainbow dress." haha. Hopefully, we didn't disappoint. Goose, I really think this is most definitely my favorite age with you. I truly want to freeze time right here. Your little personality is just THE BEST. SO here you go, here's a little letter all about Miss Cutie Patootie Pie:

You are so full of energy. From sun up to sun down, you are chattering to me in the cutest little voice all about anything and everything. You love telling me about your lessons in preschool (what to do in case of a fire, the importance of garbage trucks, and how to add with your fingers). You are so smart and you have the best memory. I love listening to you chatter away while we are driving in the car, combing your hair, or picking up the house together. You're my little bestie cute girl, but don't tell anyone....
which leads me to my next point.

You love and I mean LOVE a good secret. You made up a song a few months ago and are always singing it..."I have a secret, and I wouldn't tell the boys! I have a secret and I wouldn't tell the boys! I have a secret...." It drives Daddy and the Rockstar nuts, but you hold to it. You won't let anyone, but the girls in on any of your "secrets" which usually have something to do with your birthday. I'll ask to know, and you'll whisper in your softest (but kind of yelling) voice something like " For my Birthday, I'm going to have a Strawberry shortcake party with pink balloons, crafts, and whipped cream cake and I really will invite the boys, but don't tell them." Oh you make me smile.
Me and you also have a secret handshake that you made up completely on your own complete with knee slaps and air drawn circles. I need to remember to get it on camera sometime.

You have the cutest habit of snapping all day long. You snap if you're nervous, when you're telling a story, when you're frustrated, really for anything. You do it without thinking and I'm hoping this little quirk you keep.

You love Dora. 3rd year being your favorite show, and I don't see it changing. You love to watch her and Boots on their adventures. I catch you all the time answering their questions or trying to warn them about Swiper the Fox.

Every night, you ask for "Girl Talk" while I tuck you in. We talk about our favorite colors, tv shows, animals, what we would look like as fairies, and describe our perfect creature (we make up what it would be and look like). You just love doing these nightly talks, and so do I.

You're favorite book is called "The Pink Book." It drives both Daddy and I bonkers to read. It is all things pink and full of matching games, mazes, impossible shapes, and countless other things to drive parents mad. You ask for it all the time, and we read it for the 12, 576th time because we love you. sigh.
I'm pretty sure I already know what I'm giving you when you're pregnant with your first baby girl.

You love to sing songs and little rhymes all the time. You aren't shy at all and will spout off anything to strangers in the store. Everywhere I go, you seem to be attracting a crowd around you. You definitely have a big and magnetic personality.

You have a temper. Like, for reals little girl. wooooo-weee. You can bring the whole house down with your scream. It seems like you're learning to control it more and more, but I'm not sure you'll ever lose that fire completely, and that's good... You'll need it to fight off the boys at 16. Seriously, punch them. In the face.

You are a girly girl. You love sparkles, dresses, pink, and all things princess. You smear my lipstick all over your lips on a daily basis. Sometimes I worry that you're a little too into "pretty." Lulu is always trying to explain to you that "It's more important to be smart and kind than pretty." So far, that seems to be going in one ear and out the other, because you want anything and everything to be referred to as "pretty" or "beautiful." Lulu's right baby girl, and I know that you'll come around to what matters most, but just so you know YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. Inside and out.
Oh and you have an absolute obsession with "terfume" (perfume). You carry it around with you everywhere in your little shiny black purse and offer everyone you come in contact with a complimentary spray. You also love your "hanitizer" (hand sanitizer).

You are the worst eater I've had so far. Goodness Gracious, every meal is a battle. You won't eat and make me or daddy feed you every bite, which you resist...complaining its too big, or we got a piece of celery in it, or your mouth hurts to open, or blah blah blah. Of course, the very second we clean the meal up, you walk in to the kitchen and let us know that you're "Starving to Death!!!" This is getting way old sista. I'm pretty positive this would have never flown with the older two. Benefits of being the youngest I guess. Enjoy the next 2 months, because you're in for a rude awakening...or maybe baby boy is in for it. I have a feeling you're not giving up this baby role without a fight.

Tonight, you wished for a baby brother when you blew out the candles. My heart melted.

You want to marry in "the princess temple." You debate who you are going to marry between Daddy and Roscoe. Every once in a while, if you're in a real good mood, you'll throw Chase Weiss into the mix too. I'm real good with any of those three. I have to admit I would love to see you with Chase. He might be the only boy who could hold his own in a fight with you. ;)
Also, I have to mention that "Julie Weiss" (you always say her full name) has definitely adopted you. You have her wrapped around your little finger and every time she comes for a visit, you have her break out the polish to paint your nails. I love how open you are to people. You're not shy and you're not afraid to let lots of people love you, so they do.

You give the best kisses. on the lips. whenever I ask. Thank you for those. They absolutely brighten my day.

You love to help me cook. You're always asking to "make something with you." You also love to fold laundry. You're pretty darn good at it too. I think some of my favorite memories will be folding towels with you (letting the corners kiss whenever they meet) and listening to your little voice chatter away to me.

(And now, I'm tearing up. Can't help it. Mother tears are inevitable when you realize your kids won't stay the same forever...good thing every age is special right?)

You get your feelings real hurt and bawl if you think you're in trouble at all. You're tender and you don't like to disappoint me or Daddy at all. Between this and that little voice, discipline is hard with you, but we're figuring it out. You really are growing into a great girl despite your flawed parents. We're so grateful for your little spirit.

Whenever we're driving you want to play "I spy" "Guess What Animal I'm Thinking Of" or "Who Stole The Cookies from The Cookie Jar."

You memorize movie quotes so well. Daddy loves to get you to say them over and over all the time. A favorite right now is from Wreck it Ralph. Daddy will ask "Hey, why are your hands so freakishly big?" and you'll respond, "I don't know. Why are you so freakishly annoying!?" Haha. It never seems to get old.
You also love to cling to Daddy's leg the second he gets home. You run and wrap your body around his leg and let him walk/drag you around the house. That man adores you.

You have a great little sense of humor. You're always telling us jokes ("Look under there." "Under where?" "Haha, you just said underwear!"), and you love to laugh. Your giggle brightens up our whole house. The Rockstar can get you into fits of giggles. He can also make you yell and scream. You guys are always together playing, and also fighting. I guess its sibling 101. Your brother loves you though, and many times he has protected you. You're so lucky to have an older brother like that. He has your back. Make sure you thank him one day.

Gigi, I could go on and on. You are full of spirit. You're sweet, sassy, spunky, and have the biggest personality. I am so grateful to be your mommy, and I will always love you baby girl. Forever and ever.
Happy 4 to you!! It's going to be a great one.


Monday, October 28, 2013

The Witch

  {October 5, 2012}
In our house, Sonny is definitely the crafter...
I'm more of the pinner :)
Truly, I do not have the patience or the steady hand to get things working right.
Sonny, on the other hand, basically got his Master's in Crafts (aka Architecture school),
so it works.
Well, I have been dying for him to make this witch for a few years now,
and over conference weekend He did!
Augh, Nothing sexier than a man crafting...

 See, Perfectionist.
 A little spray paint and wa-laa!


So excited to have this as a new family tradition!
It really was pretty simple too, at least from where I was standing ;)

And, That's a wrap.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm going there someday

 {October 1, 2012}
Since moving here, we have made several trips to the St George Temple.
Sonny and I married in the Idaho Falls temple, but we claim this one as ours.
I have so many memories of walking the grounds of this gorgeous building during my chaotic days of college...trying to figure out my future, writing goals, or just sitting on a bench and crying over a broken heart a time or two.
There is not a place on Earth that gives me more comfort than inside these walls.
And I want my children to recognize that same comfort for themselves,
so our FHE's often consist of walking these grounds. 

I always walk away with a heart full of gratitude that this life is not the end.
I truly know that.
This little family is everything to me,
and I will always be praying that these kids develop their own testimony of this gospel
and the blessings the temple brings.

Who in the world has a splash pad in their back yard!?

Um, we do.
Well, our Landlords do,
but for $1450 a month
(plus a $600 monthly power bill....yes you read that right. freak!)
We do!
{September 26, 2013} 
This move has not been an easy one.
I'm sure I haven't covered this on here before, but our old hood was a dream ;)
The kids had friends in just about every house on our street, and there was always a party going on.
We now live in the center of downtown, and I'm pretty sure we are the youngest family on our block by a few decades.
The kids truly don't have many kids to play with and, although, I am making progress with Mabel and Gertrude, I'm not sure they will be inviting me out to ice cream anytime soon.
Thank goodness for the cute little hispanic family across the street, who despite not knowing a lick of English, wave their hands frantically and holla (from their hammocks) every time we step out on our porch.
It has definitely been hard to adjust to the lack of little knocks at my door and the quietness,
but this back yard has definitely made for an easier adjustment.
I mean really. Somebody pinch me. 

We are hoping to build soon and drop our power bill by a few 100 dollars,
PS. we keep our temp at 82 in the summer, so its not like we're overdoing the ac. 
but I am pretty sure we will miss this pad.
It's been pretty awesome.

Saturday, October 26, 2013


So this might be like my 5th (or 11th) post about starting up this blog again.
And each time, I really and truly mean it....really.
BUT then it just doesn't happen.
I have some great excuses too.
Too far behind.
No one reads blogs anymore anyways.
No time.
Instagram is the new blog world, and I should embrace that.
No time.
blah, blah, blah.

And Life goes on.
Pictures are taken,
and stored somewhere in my jacked-up-snarly-web of iPhoto never to be seen again
I'm totally going to organize that one day too.
(please refer to 3rd and 5th excuse above)
Memories are made,
and forgotten.
And the clock just ticks away with no blog posts or journaling done.

It actually depresses me.
I miss it.
Blogging made me feel connected, not just with all of you, but with myself. My life.
Does that even make sense?
Like, I could sit in front of this computer and shed tears while I poured out frustrations of motherhood,
or laugh as I retold the funny little story about one of the kids.
It helped me to take a step back and reflect.
I could see my life in a whole new light.
With humor, pride, and the beauty of all the small moments.
SO I'm going to give it another go, because
I want to...
I need to...
remember these moments.

Bare with me.
I am a solid year behind.

i think i can,
i think i can,
i think i can.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

A life celebrated thru pictures

Charles Roscoe Spitzer 
April 11, 1931-September 1, 2007
Juanita Ethel Spitzer 
April 5, 1937-September 1, 2012




What a Legacy they left.
Love you both so much.
Keep up the work, and we will see you soon.