Sunday, October 21, 2012

Farewell Daybreak::Our going away party!

{August 12th}
Our dear neighbors thru us a going away party (potluck style) our last Sunday there.
It was so touching to have so many come on over and send us off.
I know I am getting annoying, but gosh we loved this place...
partly because it was awesome, colorful, and there was so much to do all the time,
but mostly it was the people.
They are just dynamite.
Let me introduce you to a few...

Gigi and Camry. 
Camry would show up at our house all the time just to visit and say hi to gigi. They had an instant connection and it was so fun to have such a beautiful example for Gigi to look up to.
Cam is beautiful inside and out.
 Cam and Kaya.
Sisters. Also should mention that they are the daughters of Dawn (neighbor on survivor). Such an amazing family, and I am pretty sure I need to take some major tips on mothering from Dawn, because these girls are golden.
 Lu enjoying the scene.
 Me and Tricia.
Gosh, I love this girl! She quite possibly has the best heart of anyone I have ever known. 
Such a dear friend.
We're gonna be lifers. I know it :)
 The Uluave's.
Miss Kindra was our preschool teacher. She spoiled us big time, and I am afraid she might be irreplaceable. Love her and the way she loved on my kiddos.
 Miss Marthe.
The amazing YW president I got to be a counselor for.
She's awesome. Just don't be late for any activities ;)
(I always was)

 Cute Sage.
This girl is part of the amazing Jones family.
(Her mom was my doula when I had gigi...natural...sorry, just had to throw that in there)
This darling gal knocked on our house all the time selling bows. I just could never turn her down either, so we have a whole drawer full of homemade accessories from sweet Sage.
PS her middle name is Honey. Don't you just love that!?

 Lu and her bestie, Natalie.
These two were inseparable. They even have a secret handshake that they tell NO one.
Seriously, I have tried countless times to get Lu to show it to me, but the girl is a loyal one and always refuses to divulge it.
 Oh and sweet little Grace.
We love her. Lu's first friend here and our neighbor.
I have loved watching her grow up.
 Me and Sie.
Everyone needs a friend like Sierra.
She is full of wisdom and just the person to call when you need advice on anything.
She always has just the right thing to say and she may just be the most service oriented person I have ever known.
 Me and Kara.
Best neighbor ever. We love the Olsons.
They really are our family.

 Rockstar and Cameron.
Mischeivious little rascals.
Lu looks up to her so much.
This is Miss Kindra's girl.
She was so good to lu. Always letting her come play with the big girls and teaching her gymnastics.
 Haha. Love this pic.
I love this darling like she were my own.
(also part of the Jones family)
Seriously, she had my heart with her cute lisp and sweet spirit.
I miss her too much.

 Sonny getting a little bit of everything.
 Me and Nicole.
If we were all like this gal, the world would seriously be a better place.
I have never heard her say an unkind thing about anyone.
Seriously, she gives everyone the benefit of the doubt.
I am a better person, because of this girl.
We are soul sisters ;)
 Obviously, we are big fans of Camry.
Sometimes I forgot we weren't the same age. oopsie.
 Little Kylee.
Such a doll! She always has a smile on her face.
 Lu and Bella.
(Sie's daughter)
Lu's good good friend.
They just clicked.
 Gigi and Sara.

 I would always tell Kara that I was afraid Sara might be in an abusive relationship.
SHe would come over to our house and Gigi would tell her EVERYTHING to do.
Bossing poor Sara around, and the little sweetheart would do everything too!
 I think that is why they worked so well though.
Gigi likes to be in charge.
 Rockstar and Harlan.
(also part of the Olson family...sorry this is probably more confusing than helpful)
Rockstar's first friend in the hood.
These silly boys would play dress ups all the day long when they were 2-3.
SO glad they grew out of that one.

Love. this. kid.
He single handedly taught Rockstar how to "be a man!"
He would come over to our house rip his shirt off and start a wrestling match.
He is old beyond his years, and such a good boy.
 Marthe. Kendra. Ashley. Dana.
 The Curtis Family.
 Baby Luke.
 I can totally relate to little Elsa's feelings.
It was a hard day.
 This is the pic I snuck of the new family moving into our home.
Cute. right!?
 3 amigos.
 Me and Jules.
She's a diamond. Seriously, never met someone with a better sense of humor. She always has me cracking up and never lets me take myself to seriously. Plus she owns her own business. Yep, she's amazing.
Thanks for putting it all together Jules.

We sure felt the love!

Farewell Daybreak::The Lake + Soda Row

{August 11th}
We rode bikes up to the lake to fit in one more outing in the canoes.

 Miss Gigi was a little petrified and clung to me most the time.
 We walked over to soda row after our time at the lake.
There is a free band that plays at the park every friday and saturday night.
(Seriously, I can hardly believe we were lucky enough to live in such a place)

 I'm sorry, but isn't she the cutest babe in creation!?
 Ended the night with gourmet cupcakes.

The night was just magic.

Gosh, this makes me homesick...almost caught up though and then I can move on.