Sunday, October 21, 2012

Farewell Daybreak::Wednesday night girls

{August 9th}
Us ladies started getting together almost 3 years ago. 
We all had babies together and didn't really know each other, 
but Nicole randomly called each of us asking if we wanted to come over and watch an episode of Oprah on the different baby cries.
We did.
We clicked instantly and for an entire year we met each and every wednesday night for dinner.
All of our husbands had busy wednesday nights, so we would rotate homes and bring all 13 kids over.
We laughed, cried, set goals together, and developed an unbreakable sister-ship.
Life got busier after that 1st year, so we weren't able to meet up every wednesday night anymore,
but we were all there to support one another.
This was our last dinner before I left.
We went out to the spaghetti factory and laughed til the wee morning as usual.

Amber. Sierra. Nicole. Meeee. 
I cannot even tell you how grateful I am for these girls.
They helped immensely with the move!
Sie even watched my kids for like12 hours twice!!
Every mom needs friends like these.

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