Sunday, October 21, 2012

Farewell Daybreak::Young Womens

{August 8th}
I have to say that probably the hardest thing about leaving was giving up my calling in Young Womens.
I even asked our president, Marthe, if I could just stay in and commute. She gave me a nope. ha.
These girls are just amazing. Like really, each and every one of them taught me so much.
They truly are the kind of girls who go out into the world every single day and are examples of kindness, light, and strength. Plus, they are a lot of fun.
We never had any drama, and I enjoyed every single second working with them.

Quinn. Caitlin. Camry (Lady cam cam). Emma.
 Add Kaya with the cute suspenders.
Oh yeah, and this activity was dance dance revolution.
 Roma. Such a quirky, philisophical, awesome girl.
 Julie. baby luke.
(so fun to serve with leaders who are your friends...I didn't get pics of everyone, but they were all sh-amazing)
 Michelle. (first counselor) Misty.
 The dance off.
This girl did my hair every single day the last week I was there. Kicking myself I had barely discovered this awesome bonus of being young womens right before I left.
PS doesn't she look just like a Disney Princess. She is the sweetest girl too.
 Gigi's favorite person in the entire world...
I miss these girls so much.
I am so proud of who they are, and I cannot wait to see what they do in life.

So sad I didn't get a pic of each and everyone of them.

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