Sunday, October 21, 2012

Farewell Daybreak::Our trip downtown

{August 10th}
K, So this was actually our first time doing this, but we figured we better make a trip on the daybreak trax and go see the new Citycreek Center and stop at temple square.
We really are a bunch of home bodies, so I am ashamed to say that we barely made it downtown.
In fact, I am pretty sure we visited SLC way more before we lived there. Funny how that happens.
The kids were so excited to ride the train.

 Citycreek...Pretty darn awesome.

 Our favorite family, The Weiss's met us there.
Seriously, we love them. So mad that we realized just how sympatico our families were just a few months before leaving. They are awesome!
Miss them :( 
 The kiddos-baby Luke.
We are hoping this won't be our last trip to the temple with these kids...
Chase + Gigi
Hey, it could happen :)

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