Sunday, October 14, 2012

A Belated Birthday Letter

7 years old 
Dearest Lu,
I guess I should start off by apologizing that this letter is not being written on your Birthday, but a few months after...then again, I guess that is a good lesson in and of itself for you to know...
Sometimes life doesn't go completely as planned and to not sweat the small stuff. 
I hope you know how loved you are. You are just the epitome of joy and goodness. You give off a light to our home that is just special and like always I am so grateful to be your mother. 
Here you are girl...YOU at the fun age of 7....

You have changed so much this last year. You really are entering a new stage...not quite a little girl anymore. Dad and I are both realizing that it just may be possible that we might embarrass you from time to time :) You are pretty "cool" and we are learning to respect that more and more. Your attention has turned from barbie dolls and dress ups to Taylor Swift and art. I just can't believe it either, because it seems like just yesterday you were prancing around in mama's high heels and your "Rella" dress, but we are learning to accept and appreciate the new changes. *sniff*

I think I said it in the previous post, but you have adjusted to all the changes so well. When we first moved here, we pulled in at 9:30 pm at night. You were starting your first day of first grade the very next day and the outfit that you had so carefully picked out was packed tightly in the moving van (we had thought we would be arriving much earlier), though this could be a great catastrophe in any 7-year- old-girl-going-to-a-new-school's life, you took it so well. I ran to target that night and grabbed a quick outfit for you and the next day you were on your way as positive as can be. You moved from so many dear friends and such a support system, but you have taken everything in stride and have adapted so well. I am proud of you.

You tumble daily. It is your passion. It makes me so happy to watch you do it too. You really are quite good and you work so hard. Any free-time you have, you spend practicing your back bends and round-offs. I find myself watching you with a goofy grin on my face all the time. I think, like any mother, I just love seeing my children excel at something. Especially when it is something I have never been capable of. Keep it up.

You have such a talent with people. Seriously, Lu. Everyone just flocks to you. For good reason too, you have an infectious little personality. You love life, you have a pure heart, and you brighten others. I hope you never let anyone take that away from you. Sometimes it feels like it isn't popular to be happy, good, and kind, but I promise that you will always be in the true "cool crowd" if you stay who you are. You are a great leader and a lot of people will need you throughout your life.

You LOVE animals and I mean LOVE. You ask for a dog on a daily basis and are saving up every cent you earn for a dog...I haven't quite told you that there are several places that only charge $free-ninety-free for one. Oops. I think you are up to about $14 and some cents. The other day you told me that you were thinking of bypassing me and Daddy and just asking Santa for a dog this year. Yikes! We had to explain that Santa still has to check with mom and dad. I could see the deflation in your face. We are waiting for the right time, but I think you will get your wish at some point and in the meantime it does you some good to wish and wait for something with all your heart. Maybe it will at least make you scoop the poop up a couple more times. 

You miss all your friends back at Daybreak...Natalie, Grace, Athena, Evelyn and Brooklynn just to name the ones on our street. Your constant playmates along with MANY others. It was sort of a dream place to live at your age, I suppose. So many girls the same age all in one spot. You have met some great friends here girl in particular named Libby. You and her had an instant bond on the first day of school and were just tickled to learn you shared cousins (ivy and olive). You two play daily at school.

You love to read. We are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory right now, and you are completely enthralled. I love that we share a love. I can hardly wait to introduce you to all the books out there. I was a little older than you when my mom (grandma Debbie) handed me over "The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe). My world changed reading that book. I can't wait to give you the same experience.

You have a testimony. You understand things so simply and don't question. It really makes me realize what the "child like faith" means. We get dumber as adults, and start to question everything. You remind me to just believe in things, because it doesn't all have to make perfect sense. You are attracted to goodness and you know who you are. 

You miss your cousin Kaylee. You love her to pieces, and talk about her constantly. You guys seem to be more like sisters than cousins.

You and your brother have been struggling lately like siblings do I suppose. But it drives me bonkers. Seriously, the two of you argue about everything and are constantly looking to get the other in trouble. I hope this passes soon. When you play, you guys do it well. You both adore Gigi, and neither of you fight with her...probably because you know that it would be a losing battle.

You and Grammy have acquired quite the special bond sharing the same school. It makes my heart so happy. Grandma's are just special. You have some great ones. Enjoy every moment.

You're beautiful. Sorry, I know I'm your mother, but your just a stunning, beautiful girl inside and out.

You are the easiest little thing to please. You love any gift or surprise and you let out the best giggles of delight. It is such a great sound and sends us all laughing. You don't get caught up in perfection and you often grab my hands when I am getting exasperated with the details of something and tell me "Mom, it doesn't have to be perfect!" You are so right.

You are obsessed with school lunch. Seriously, you get so excited to tell us what you had each and every day. It is so funny too, because a couple of months ago you were screaming and crying because we were making you eat school lunch. Mommy was leaving for Grandma Nita's funeral and you were all out of sorts with anxiety that you had to eat school lunch. You thought you might not be able to sit with Libby and that felt like the end of the world to you. When I got home from Boise though, you informed me that you actually loved school lunch and were never going back to Pb & honey. Ha! You know good food :)

You love to be entertained. You LOVE TV and movies. Seriously, this has probably made it to every single birthday letter, because you just adore that tube. I think your favorite show is Survivor too (yep, judge away.) Ever since your bread teacher, Dawn was on, you have become obsessed with the show. We actually don't let you watch it too often, but we have caught you sneaking out of your room and hiding around the corner watching while Daddy and I watch. Ha. You may have a future in reality TV...hope not...

You love sparkles, makeup, your ipod, Claire's, jewelry, pioneers, swimming, and playing.

Your favorite food is Hot Dogs still. Favorite color? turquoise. Friend? "all of them." Book? The BFG. Movie? Mirror Mirror. Singer? Taylor Swift or Carrie Underwood. Restaurant? Chuck-a-rama. Place? Disneyland and Florida. 

Well, I better go hun. Know that I love you with all of my heart.
Enjoy your 7th year! I have a feeling it's gonna be a good one!!



Anna said...

Shes beautiful Kristin. You did well. ;) I can't believe you have a 7 year old! I'm just joining the mommy crowd, and I have a new respect for all mothers. What a job that Heavenly Father has entrusted us to do. You are a good mommy sister. And all your kiddos are lucky to have you. Xoxo

carrie said...

Your letters are always so perfectly written Kristin, Your kids will cherish them forever!

tricias husband said...

She is such a beautiful girl both inside and out. Your letters are always so well written and will be a treasure for your kids. You are an amazing Mom!

Lisa said...

So cute and thanks for the share.