Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dangs! Where to begin...

To say I'm behind on this thing is a bit of an understatement.
Actually, I feel a bit behind on life.
For reals. This summer has been on speed and it doesn't seem to be giving it up.
We just got back from an 8 day stay at my parents for the annual family reunion.
(It was stellar btw...I'm sure you'll see the pics in about 6 months)
We were planning on staying for the weekend for my 10 year high school reunion, but it got canceled last minute. Seems like I don't need to include it in my justification of my busyness to you, but let's be honest, we all know the countless hours it takes preparing for the 10 year. 
All of a sudden your teeth look yellow and you start attempting 100 crunches before bed.
My teeth got sensitive and like I'm really going to do 100 crunches.
So I took the other route and just hit the mall several days in a row trying to find that perfect outfit that makes one look great, but seems like you didn't try too hard. (LOSER):)
So even though it got canceled, let's include it in my list of the last 2 weeks.
And then this Tuesday it is Lulu's 6th birthday! Parties! I'm also throwing a big health cook off at my home for activity days that day and then the very next day Miss Lu starts KINDERGARTEN!!
Holy Canoly!!! I can't believe it.
I held her back last year, so I guess I got to send her this time around.
I'm gonna miss the girl.

Okay. SO I guess now that I have it all written out, it doesn't even seem like much,
but I tell you here lately, I cannot seem to get my crud together.
Like a sink full of dishes makes me want to curl in a corner and cry.
Probably because I see it as a sign that I am losing it.
my controlled and neat little orderly life.
The mounds and mounds of clean laundry on the floor is proof,
along with my greasy hair, smelly children, and dirty baseboards.
Sure. I'll get back on top of things for a day,
but by then I'm so exhausted I let it all slide back the next 3 days.
I feel a mess lately and overwhelmed with the to do's.
I even bought a Franklin on our way home yesterday.
I've had it for a whole 24 and nothing seems to be happening...
I guess just writing down "scrub the sink" doesn't make it all shiny. Weird.

Well, I will stop the rant and post some pics, so I can at least check off
  • post on the blog
in my shiny little new planner.
I feel so accomplished.

These pics are from the start of our 4th of July weekend.
{July 2}
We went to an amazing firework show after a day of hiking, picnics, and pizza buffets with my parents.
Tyler and Ciara joined later, but I didn't get any pics. Camera died.
I sure love the memory these ones are bringing back to me though. It was such a fun/busy day.

Alright, I'm feeling a little better.
I mean Good Heck, Look at those 3 munchkins!
Cutest babes in creation right there!

 They definitely make this whole mother-works-like-a-dog-thingy worth it.
I'll try to think of their smiling faces while I:
change diapers, wipe bums, read stories, cook healthy meals, journal, clean out the fridge, wash the windows, make the beds, wash and fold laundry, scrub the pee out of the Rockstars bed (hydrogen peroxide's awesome btw), pay bills, grocery shop, vacuum sand out of the carpet, chip boogers off the wall, dust,
pick up toys off the stairs, pick up dirty underwear off the stairs, pick up books thrown down the stairs. etc. etc. etc.

A hug to all you mothers out there.
I know it's hard.
Sometimes you're on top of the world and feeling like little miss Betty Crocker herself.
And sometimes you want to tell all the little Miss Betty's to stuff it!
I seem to be in the latter category lately.
Tomorrow, I'm determined to get back on top though.
Maybe I'll bake some fresh bread and watch my kids devour it with butter and honey.
Always makes me feel like I'm doing something right.
Or maybe I'll drive to Great Harvest and pick up a loaf.
It totally works still.
Yep. I'm writing it in the planner now. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


with basketball.

If practice makes perfect,
then I smell the makings of a star.

p.s. ru, as your mother, that means no matter what you end up doing.
chess, lacrosse, underwater basket weaving. whatever. I'm always your biggest fan. :)

p.s.s I am seriously behind on this blog. We're having too much fun this summer.
it's been fantabulous.