Thursday, September 15, 2011

Family Reunion 2011

::Slip N Slide::

Does this post really need any words?

Ginormous slip n slide.
dish soap.

Yep. that about does it.
Funnest time ever!

*Did you tune in last night?
We did. We got to see it with Dawn and hear some extra tidbits. So fun!
I'm sure I'll post it soon....
uh...well...after I catch up the last 2 months. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just a Reminder

Set your DVR's to record Survivor @ 7pm tonight,
so you can watch my neighbor, Dawn, Rock it!!!
You are seriously going to LOVE her!
Can't wait!!!
And yes, this pic has nothing to do with the post.
I just think this girl in this swimsuit is the cutest thing.

K seriously, go press your record button.
Like, now.

Monday, September 12, 2011

::Tough Mudder::

Weeks before we all came, my dad put together the ultimate relay race for the kids
"The Tough Mudder"
I cannot tell you how many times I heard about this race before we made the trip,
Seems like every time I called my dad was outside working on it.
The kids had an absolute blast running through the field maze (dodging lions and tigers), jumping thru tires, crawling thru spaghetti, balancing on a slippery muddy log, soccer drills, and ending with a tug o war against their mamas!
How fun!

Papa explaining all the rules.
Papa slapping Kay right upside the head for being an airhead. ;)

The kids were a tad nervous about any real mountain lions showing up.
We assured them that they would be okay,
but a few of the adults were packing just to be safe. :)

Don't let those little tikes fool you into thinking this tug o war was a piece of cake.
They are tough little cookies!

This picture proves that me and Ciara were the only ones really trying. Geesh!

(yes. they totally smoked us)

I'm pretty sure this race was the highlight of the week
(well, besides all the late night Mafia games)

Dad, I'm thinking next year we need to have an adult one.
Start mowing that forest maze soon! :)