Sunday, October 21, 2012

Farewell Daybreak::the pool

*First of all, I have to say THANK YOU for all the sweet comments/messages from my depressed post.
Really. They made me smile, cry, and giggle. We have the greatest friends/family, and you totally lifted my spirits.
I am sicker than a dog right now (stupid flu), and Sonny has the kids out and about, so I thought I would try to tackle catching up on this thing.
Here goes...

{August 7th}
When we sold our home, I knew that I wanted to get some photos of our favorite places in our hood.
Unfortunately, packing is HE-double hockey sticks, and I didn't quite get to everything before we left,
but I did manage to capture some highlights starting with the 
Daybreak Pool.
We are big fans of this place, and just about every FHE night ends up at the pool.

I have to say one of the greatest things about living South is 
we get many more days of pool season which means
happy, tired, so hungry they'll eat raw broccoli as a snack kids.
Love it.

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