Saturday, October 26, 2013


So this might be like my 5th (or 11th) post about starting up this blog again.
And each time, I really and truly mean it....really.
BUT then it just doesn't happen.
I have some great excuses too.
Too far behind.
No one reads blogs anymore anyways.
No time.
Instagram is the new blog world, and I should embrace that.
No time.
blah, blah, blah.

And Life goes on.
Pictures are taken,
and stored somewhere in my jacked-up-snarly-web of iPhoto never to be seen again
I'm totally going to organize that one day too.
(please refer to 3rd and 5th excuse above)
Memories are made,
and forgotten.
And the clock just ticks away with no blog posts or journaling done.

It actually depresses me.
I miss it.
Blogging made me feel connected, not just with all of you, but with myself. My life.
Does that even make sense?
Like, I could sit in front of this computer and shed tears while I poured out frustrations of motherhood,
or laugh as I retold the funny little story about one of the kids.
It helped me to take a step back and reflect.
I could see my life in a whole new light.
With humor, pride, and the beauty of all the small moments.
SO I'm going to give it another go, because
I want to...
I need to...
remember these moments.

Bare with me.
I am a solid year behind.

i think i can,
i think i can,
i think i can.


Trevor and Emily Fuhriman said...

I love your Blog!!! I think it is creative and has so much personality!! :)

The Bubblegum Chronicles said...

Thanks Emily!! SO sweet of you. Hope I can catch up!

Amy said...

Yay! I'm so excited! My piece of advise is don't get bogged down in the past. Just start with today and move forward and catch up when you have extra time ;) You can do it!

Lindsay said...

Exactly. Living your words over here. And LOVING that photo. We can do this!!! :)

Kendall and Katy said...

I am so glad you are back! Your little family reminds me so much of my own. I love your blog and how you portray motherhood in such a wonderful and real way. Your honest about the ups and downs and I appreciate that.
Sincerely your Idaho stalker,
Katy ;-)

carrie said...

So glad your back! Hope to join you someday!