Monday, October 28, 2013

The Witch

  {October 5, 2012}
In our house, Sonny is definitely the crafter...
I'm more of the pinner :)
Truly, I do not have the patience or the steady hand to get things working right.
Sonny, on the other hand, basically got his Master's in Crafts (aka Architecture school),
so it works.
Well, I have been dying for him to make this witch for a few years now,
and over conference weekend He did!
Augh, Nothing sexier than a man crafting...

 See, Perfectionist.
 A little spray paint and wa-laa!


So excited to have this as a new family tradition!
It really was pretty simple too, at least from where I was standing ;)

And, That's a wrap.

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Lindsay said...

AWESOME!!! You, I mean Shawn, did such a great job!!! I love it!