Sunday, October 27, 2013

I'm going there someday

 {October 1, 2012}
Since moving here, we have made several trips to the St George Temple.
Sonny and I married in the Idaho Falls temple, but we claim this one as ours.
I have so many memories of walking the grounds of this gorgeous building during my chaotic days of college...trying to figure out my future, writing goals, or just sitting on a bench and crying over a broken heart a time or two.
There is not a place on Earth that gives me more comfort than inside these walls.
And I want my children to recognize that same comfort for themselves,
so our FHE's often consist of walking these grounds. 

I always walk away with a heart full of gratitude that this life is not the end.
I truly know that.
This little family is everything to me,
and I will always be praying that these kids develop their own testimony of this gospel
and the blessings the temple brings.

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