Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Soccer Mom



Anyone else out there have big dreams of becoming a soccer mom one day?
Driving a mini van with smelly socks, dirty kleets, lawn chairs stuffed in the back, and a trunk packed full of Caprisons and individual packets of cheezits?
Well I had that dream,
And this Summer it was fulfilled.
Lulu scored a goal on her 2nd game
and the Rockstar scored 3 goals last week on his final game!
Sonny and I were those embarrassing parents that scrame and gave the thumbs up sign constantly
(especially to the Rockstar who stopped every 5 seconds to see that little finger and return the sign...so cute)
We also proved our awesomness by sneaking behind the photographer and taking our own group shot.
We are that classy. :)

Go Sharks and Bumblebees!!
Can't wait for next season!


Jodi said...

Being a soccer Mom is the best!

Terry said...

Way to go Soccer Teams. You are the best and I love you so much! Seems like yesterday that I was watching their dad.

nicole said...

You were the perfect soccer mom :D I loved watching your cute little guy, and his big ol grin every time he did something exciting. Love that kid! And so does Bo :)