Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Family Reunion 2011

{July 20-26}
We headed to Lava Hot Springs, ID for our annual reunion with my favorite family!
We started the activities lunch at the park followed by tubing down the river.
All the kids were nervous (including me and ShanTay who were remembering the huge gash Chaud got on his back a few years ago), but it turned out to be so much fun and free of any injuries.
Grandma Nita. Talen.
Kaylee. Lu. Ciara. Rochelle. Lyla.
Tayson. Mckelvey.
The Rockstar!
Ciara. Grandma. Mom. ShanTay. Me. Rochelle.

Gigi was in Heaven jumping on these tubes.
I honestly need to consider getting one in our back yard.
Ha. I probably wouldn't see the girl for hours.
(and i'm not saying that would be a bad thing. ;))

Don't I have the cutest nieces and nephews!?
Such a doll!
Chaud chillin with his best lady.
Derrick. Ava.


We did one run down the river and then I sat out to grab some pics.
I think I had an even better time sitting out and people watching.

I love this collage below.
I think I can almost make out what ShanTay is saying...:)

Happy to say that we all survived with no river injuries...
That night was a different story though.
(Serioulsy, Our family get togethers always seem to end up with someone calling an ambulance.)
We all went swimming at the local pools and jumping off the high dives.
The guys took some of the kids to go jump off the platforms (way too high for me)
Us girls were chatting over in the shallow side with the babes.
All of a sudden, someone screamed "Medic!" and everyone cleared the pool.
30 seconds later ShanTay took off running and screaming "Tayson!"
Our hearts sunk.
Tayson was being drug across the pool strapped in a floating gurney.
We thought it was real bad,
but it turned out that he had just hit his mouth/teeth and was really shook up.
It's procedure to call the ambulance and they checked him all out.
He was good. Phew!

So glad you're okay buddy.
Quite the eventful day.
Plenty more to come.

Stay tuned.


Terry said...

Oh that looked like so much fun!

nicole said...

Looks like you guys all had a blast! Glad that your cute nephew is okay.