Wednesday, August 17, 2011



It's been 2 weeks.
I'm proud to say we are both surviving.
In fact, we are loving it!
Mrs. K is the best teacher around and little Lulu was made to go to school!
She brought her first reading book home today
and our whole house jumped for joy when our new student read the line,
all. by. herself.

Look out Harvard,
Miss Lulu's going to blow you away!

*side note:: I did not cry the first day of school. Got all my tears out the night before writing that Birthday letter. The next day, it was all smiles. How could I help it!? Lulu was beaming with excitement. She actually woke up at 7 am, got dressed, and sat on our front porch with back pack on until noon. Haha! Love her.


Sam and Lacey said...

I love backpacks on little kids and how they drown them. So cute! Glad she is doing well.

Terry said...

I love that girl. She looks so grown up. She will be a great student.

Janette said...

Lu Lu is dressed too CUTE! she is the prettiest girl. I still cannpt believe how fast she is growing!!!