Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Mama Sings

My mom has one of the prettiest voices you've ever heard.
Like a God given talent kind of voice.
(she passed it on one. boo)
In fact, she traveled all over the US and Europe when her and my Dad were dating singing
her little guts out at cool places like Carnegie Hall and what not.
When she became a wife/mother though, it was one of the things that she sacrificed for the family.
(love you mom)
This year, she went back to it...
She enrolled in School and tried out for the local University's Women's Choir.
She was so nervous. 
She called me every day for the entire week before tryouts always about to back out
saying "I don't have it in me anymore. My voice isn't anywhere near what it used to be."
I knew she could do it though.
And she did.
She knocked their socks off.
Tonight, was her last performance for the year and my Dad was kind enough to send us video and this blurry picture :)
My mom is the cute little gal on the right,  2nd row, 2nd in.

Wish we could have been there tonight Mama,
listening to your beautiful voice and watching you in your element.
I am so very very proud of you.
Take it all in.
This is you.
Hugs & Kisses


Terry said...

Wow! I didn't know that your mom was that kind of a singer. I hope I get to hear her at some time. I think that is great. Wish I could sing.

Paul said...

Gosh, I wish your Mom had told me. I would have liked to come and see her back at it!! I always enjoyed her singing adventures.
Much love, Uncle Paul