Thursday, March 31, 2011

Date nights


Lulu is still talking about this special night that her and Daddy went on a fancy shmancy date!!
It all started with the lucky man showing up to the door with a couple dozen of Miss Tutti Frutti's favorite flowers....Daisys!! 
She was ecstatic to say the least!
The rest of the night was filled with a magical dance (basically prom night for 5 year olds), a catered dinner, souvenir pictures, princess sightings (Belle!), crafts, and lots and lots of grooving!
In fact, Daddy came back pretty darn pooped. I guess Lulu hit up the dance floor all the night long wearing the old man right out. :) That's my girl!

The Rockstar and I had are own special date night in.
well, we had a little pipsqueak that tagged along with us for a good part of it. :)

We wrestled, played Memory (the kid totally cheats!), baked muffins, made up stories, ate muffins, and laughed a lot.
I love date nights.
I'm thinking me and Sonny are due for one together though,
and he set the bar pretty high....
I better be getting 2 dozen flowers the next time he picks me up for a night out at Applebees and the Redbox.
He tells me I need to be more clear in my expectations of him, so here's a *HINT* babe...
**my favorites are roses** 

just sayin. :)

*oh yes, and i swear that my daughter owns other dresses. we're just fans of this red one. obviously.


Terry said...

What a great thing to do with the kids. They will remember it all of their lives. The girls are gorgeous in the red dresses, and the boy (well what can I say) except that he totally warms my heart!

Janette said...

how sweet to take her on a little daddy daughter date. Love the pics of you and the rockstar, too cute.
btw, the font is josefin sans.