Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jesus wants me for a...


The Rockstar started primary back in January.
It has NOT been the smoothest transition to say the least. 
Apparently, church without toys and snacks is not his cup of tea. crazy.
In the beginning, Sonny and I were taking turns going to class with him. 
Fortunately this gave us the opportunity to experience our cute boy in action... 
like how when he is asked to give the prayer in class, he calmly walks to the front of the class, folds his arms, bows his head, squeezes his eyes shut and....
Oh my goodness. It just makes us melt.
Or the fact that he tells his teachers he has no idea what Family Home Evening is...
Awesome. Way to make me look good Ru!
He is doing a lot better now though thanks to the Presidency switching him to a new class with his friends
 and his little red blankie he gets to take if he is having a hard time.
He sure is learning a lot. The lesson on the Holy Ghost must have really stood out to him, 
because he informs me that I am making the "Holy Ghost run away" allll day long.
"Clean your room please!"
"Mama, you just made the Holy Ghost run away."

"Don't hit your sister!"
"Mama, the Holy Ghost just ran away."

"Do not throw that block!"
"Mama....you get the picture...

Haha. At least he is learning something in Primary...you know since we NEVER do FHE in our home. :) Good Grief.

Little Rockstar I think your making Jesus pretty proud of his new little Sunbeam!
You sure brighten my life each and everyday!


Elle and Clint Stallings said...

hahahaha that is hilarious!! Gotta give him points for being original and clever.. Cute, cute little guy!

Tricia said...

That is hilarious. I was helping that day in his class and its funny how kids learn things. He is a super funny kid :)

Janette said...

that is too funny. What a ham! love his outfit and LOVE the pic of the kiddos in their sunday best... oh my cuteness!!!!

Erin_C said...

he is sooo funny. and you guys make the cutest kids. i love your new blog. my only request is if/when you have #4, you send an email with the name, because I love your kids' names and would go crazy not knowing it. haha!

Terry said...

Oh, how i love that boy. He abosolutely tickles me to death!

Kit said...


The Bubblegum Chronicles said...
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