Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cousins Weekend

 This past weekend we got to gain 3 extra kiddos in our home.
Aunt Jen and Uncle Trent went on an adult only get away and we had the privilege of taking in 
Haillee, Taryn, and Kole for a few days!
Oh we had so much fun together!
Honestly, I am pretty sure my life got easier...the kids just entertained themselves.

 The Rockstar thought it was so funny that he drew "Uncle Trent in a dress!" 
ha. love this kid.

I honestly wasn't ready to see them leave.
Taryn gave the sweetest hugs all weekend, Kole is quite possibly the CUTEST little guy on earth.
He answers "Shore!" (sure) to everything and he went to sleep like a champ.
(seriously, I have huge 2 year old sleeping habit envy)
And Haillee! Oh my goodness! She was an ANGEL!
I am now wanting to adopt a 12 year old. Seriously. What a little mommy's helper she was!

Thanks for trusting us with your precious babes Jen and Trent.
Hope you had a fabulous time!!

oh and, we're looking forward to our turn in a few months
(lake powell...no kids! Ya-hoo! :))
I'm afraid your time may be a little tougher.
I won't mention why or who,
but beware of the 29 inch one.
she might bite. :)

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Tricia Lovato said...

I had fun having Taryn in Primary on Sunday...I got lots of her hugs too :) She couldn't wait for them to announce the visitors in sharing time....it was really cute!