Monday, May 23, 2011

My Rockstar

A few days ago the Rockstar was playing out front while I was sweeping the kitchen. I kept peeking out to make sure he was okay. He was talking to some of the neighbor kids and I could tell they were planning something fun. I went to go dump the dust pan when I heard him crash through the front door and run upstairs. He banged around up there and then came tearing downstairs in his new swimsuit. (backwards).
Me:: Whoa, buddy. Where are you off to??

Haha! I didn't even have time to respond. The kid was already tearing out of the house and half way down the street.
Daddy had walked up stairs just in time to hear. We got a good laugh.
I'm pretty sure that promise lasted about 3 hours before we got one of the Rockstar's infamous tantrums.
(it was over Lulu getting the pink fork and not him)
It was a good dream though.

Oh how I love being the mother of this little boy.
He makes me laugh every day. He makes me crazy with his stubbornness daily too.
He hits when he's mad (we're working on it), screams for hours on end and kicks his bedroom door.
But he gives the best kisses in the world, he loves to tickle and he's been known to cuddle all day long.
He makes up songs and words (gung gung and wacker tiger), he attaches the word poop to every sentence, and he thinks it's hilarious to toot at the dinner table.
But he protects his sisters fiercly, he prays for the people in Japan, and he makes me little love cards daily.
He squashes rollie pollies, walks around in his underwear (usually when it's really inappropriate like when the home teachers are here or something), and he threatens to run away and live with a nice mom (when I didn't give him a gum ball).
But he offers his entire piggy bank to the "kids with no food," shares his favorite toys with his little sister, and tells me I look very beautiful when I just wake up in the morning.
Oh and he's also been known to bite his Grammy's bum. Really. He was walking behind her one day and well, I guess it was just too tempting. He took a chomp at it and made her shriek. haha. only him.
I tell you, he is the cutest, sweetest, funnest, craziest, happiest, and whiniest little guy you'll ever know.
I am grateful and honored every day to be the mother of the Rockstar.

I love you forever little boy.
And I wouldn't change a thing about you.
It's gonna be a fun day today, because every day is, with you around.


erica said...

ha he is so cute!

Terry said...

He stole my heart a long time ago.

Tricia said...

Seriously...he is such a cute and fun little boy. I just started selling Scrapbooking and card making products and one of the stamp sets is a Rockstar stamp set....totally thought of him :) As soon as we get some nice weather around here we need to head to the park for a picnic!

Ashlee said...

Oh how i love that boy!