Wednesday, May 11, 2011

the after party.

I knew that I wanted to make Sonny's graduation day a special one and throw a little celebration for the graduate,
but I wasn't sure which direction to go...
(I seem to be lacking that darling-party-throwing-gene)
So, feeling overwhelmed, I went to my SIL, Erica (who seems to have this gene in the plenty) and asked if she could help me out a little?
She said Yes! sigh. :)
It was so fun seeing her in Hostess/party throwing mode.
Her excitement definitely rubbed off on me as she started calling, texting, and emailing me with new ideas and designs for the celebration.

I don't think I was much help at all.
Sonny and I had the bright idea to start painting our entire house the week before.
(I know, we're not the smartest)
I did manage to slap some stamps on the invites the week before though.
They were perfect.
Erica came on over while we were at the ceremony and set the house all up.
I know. So nice!
I loved walking in and seeing the house all decked out.
It honestly made a difference in the day.
Ha. Gotta love the multi colored house.
(the kitchen, the wall around the pantry, and kitchen ceiling are the new paint colors.)
Can't wait for it to be all done.

Kara. Maddie.

Jen. Kole.
Duane. Terry.
Dad. Mom.
Sonny got pretty spoiled.
Jen. Erica. Me.
Ciara. Me.
Tony. Carver. Carrie.
(Carrie is actually the one that convinced us to paint the whole house. Ha. So much work, but we are loving the difference. Thanks Carrie!:))
sneaking her 5th cupcake.
Olive. Chris.
Rockstar. Harlan.


The day flew by in such a blur.
I seriously don't remember a whole lot.
(Ha. Isn't that the way it always is with parties at your house!?)
We sure did feel loved though.
Everyone who came has helped us immensely throughout the schooling process.
There are also many others who have been there for us that couldn't make it.
Thank you. We are so grateful to the families and friends who have blessed our lives so much.
We promise we will be hanging out a lot more now that school is over. :)

And again, Thank you Erica.
You saved me.
I do have to admit, the party planning was a lot more fun and easier than I thought it would be.
(ha. probably because she did most the work)
Heck, maybe I'll throw a darling party a time or two for my kiddos sometime.

That night Sonny and I celebrated some more with Sushi, shopping, a movie, and nachos (hey, we like to eat)
Thanks mom & Dad for taking care of the kiddos.
It was a long, wonderful, magical day.

The End.
to this post
and school.


Erin_C said...

that is so funny you live in the same neighborhood as michael! yes, i love it . . . its gorgeous~
and you're party was so great. i'm pretty sure that when chris got his masters degree we went out for mexican or something. maybe i'll try to be as cute as you when he gets the phd?

Ashlee said...

So sad i missed this. The decorations look so cute. I could NEVER pull something like that off.

Looks like it was lots of fun.

Tricia said...

Ok, loving the paint colors...let me know when its done. I would love to come see. What a great party. You are such a sweet wife! Congrats to the whole family!

Terry said...

It was a great party!

erica said...

i could have sworn i commented on this post. maybe it was just in my head?
had so much fun! thanks for letting me help :)

nicole said...

Just wanted to congratulate both of you on surviving school! Wow!! What an accomplishment, really. I truly am happy for the both of you. And darling party...sad I had to miss it.