Monday, May 2, 2011


Easter morning the kids woke up to a trail of eggs leading to their baskets left by the big bunny. They were ecstatic with their loot
Lulu::2 swimsuits, TANGLED!!, tooth brush, apron to match mama's, new undies
The Rockstar::Bendaroos, Land Before Time, swimsuit tooth brush, new undies
Gigi::swimsuit, sippies, pez, Easter book.
I got a new tablecloth + apron and Daddy got a new shirt.
Then we headed over to the Weiss's to have a yummy brunch and get some Sunday best photos.
Here's our little attempt at civilization.
(keep your eyes on the rockstar)

Definitely a difference in personality between this one and her brother. :)

Haha! This one really gets me. He just can't help but add a little humor to everything.
The Bubblegum Family
The Weiss Family
Little Tyler
Picking the nose as usual.
At least he hasn't attempted to eat it...yet.

My baby gives the best kissy kisses all day on command,
but refuses to ever get it captured on camera. Boo.

Heading off to church and checking out all the birds on the way.

Church was wonderful.
I had the opportunity to play the role of Mary Magdelene in Jr and Sr Primary. I had to relate the story of Christ's resurrection and pretend that I (Mary) was at the tomb just last week and saw and spoke to the Savior. I was soooo nervous. Like, really nervous. I prayed and prayed and tried to practice, but my mind would always just go completely blank whenever I tried to rehearse. Crud. No good. Well, It turned out to be one of the best experiences I have ever had. I really felt the Spirit and the Easter story came to life for me during both re enactments. It was amazing. I'm not sure anyone else got anything out of my tears, but I sure will never think of that story the same again. So grateful I had such a beautiful opportunity...though, I'm okay not being asked to do it again next year.

The rest of the evening was wonderful.
At dinner time, we were talking about Easter and what it truly means.
Lulu asked if we thought Gigi remembered Jesus.
Me: I don't know. Ask her.
Lulu: Gigi, Do you remember Jesus?
Gigi: dah.
Lulu: Where's Jesus?
Gigi: Jeeshush (pointing to the picture above the mantle)

We were all in shock. Gigi really does have 3rd child syndrome and I am pretty sure we have NEVER really told her who was in that picture. We pretty much carry her around and treat her like a 3 month old, so we were all blown away.
Of course, now she points to the picture anytime we ask and says "Jeeshush."
Melts my heart.
each and every time.

Happy Easter!


Stacy said...

Your family is so darn cute and perfect in every single way. I love the Easter clothes!

Terry said...

They look so darling in their Easter dresses. That boy kills me. Does he ever give a serious pose. They're all drop dead gorgeous.

Janette said...

You guys All look so great in your Easter outfits. Each one of your kids is so cute!
Love your dress too.. seriously where do you find these cute clothes.
great post and awesome pics:)

Tricia said...

Beautiful post. Sammy said you did an amazing job. He even cried...but shhh its a scret. Actually, its one of the things that I love most about him. He is a bawl baby just like me ;)

Glad you guys had a wonderful Easter!

Anna said...

The rock star is my favorite. Send him over to my house. :)

Ashlee said...

Yay this pictures are all amazing. I miss those kids so much you have no idea!!!