Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Final Exhibit

Last Friday Sonny and I headed with proud parents to the "Architecture Graduates Final Exhibit" at Trolley Square.
Basically, the students display the project(s) they have been working on and neglecting their families for throughout the last semester and the neglected families get to come and view what was being created all those 2am late nights.
The University also serves lots of fancy shmancy horsd'oeuvres and free alcohol to try to make up for all the lost family time.
cha. shwhatever.
Them people will never be able to win me over with strong drink. Although, the stuffed mushrooms were divine! I kept asking Sonny to show me some of the instructors I have grown to despise over the years, so I could give them the evil eye. I tried, but I don't think I'm any good at the look. I did softly boo one when their name was called who told Sonny He shouldn't have time to spend with his family while he was in the program. crazy lady.
Anyhoo...We sure did enjoy the night. Sonny loved showing off his hard work and explaining the Art Center he created for Las Vegas Nevada.
He had to develop concept models and lots of sketches before the actual design (jumping thru those school hoops),
but the final project turned out quite nice...
Concept model...Totally makes sense when Sonny explains. :)

Proud Papa.
Proud in laws.

Sonny's Architecture BFF (school wife) John.
So glad these two had each other to stay sane.

So proud of this man!!

And I have to say, I definitely thought his work was the best.
Though, I am a little partial. :)


Tricia said...

Ok, wow! That is some amazing work. Great job Sonny and great job Kristin for being such a support to him. I am sure he would not have been able to do all that without you. Congrats!

Anna said...

you guys look great together :)
congratulations to your hubby!!

Janette said...

So cool that you posted his stuff. Way cool to see it (way to go!!) also you look as cute as ever, Love all your outfits.

Sam and Lacey said...

How fun! Looks awesome! I am sure all the gingerbread making days came in handy when building that model. Do you remember Sam and his dad trying to figure out the roof for hours on end.LOL

Trav and Britt said...

hey!congrats to you guys! i can SO relate to the struggle school has been for you guys! i had to laugh about it being easy for you, tough for him and FOREVER long! we are in the exact same boat, trav going on 9 yrs in school, but he still has a couple left :( i REALLY look forward to the day when i will get to post that he is FINALLY done! i just have to keep hoping it really will happen! so happy that day is here for you! :)

The Hansens said...

what an architect! Congrats you guys!!! So great!