Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Queen

Don't let this sweet little face fool you...
She can pack a punch, and she pretty much socked me in the gut a couple of weeks ago...
 Lulu, Miss Gigi, and I were at Ross.
I was looking at the dishcloth section debating on which microfiber set I wanted,
when Gigi toddled around the corner and started shrieking.
 I peeked around to see what she was hollering about and saw her little finger in the air
pointing at a hot pink diamond studded chair. aw cute, I thought.
 I lifted her on and lulu and I got a kick at seeing how excited and happy she was on her little throne.
We got over it, checked our watch, and realized it was time to pick up the Rockstar from preschool.
I reached for the baby to put her back in the cart, and she scrame at me while furiously shaking her head.
I picked her up anyway.
She arched her back and started shrieking, crying, squirming, reaching, screaming, and kicking.
No joke. She was kicking!
I was dumbfounded. 
Maybe, I have just been lucky, but I really haven't had a kid throw a fit like that in a store. 
What do I do?
I set her back on the chair....happiness.
I took her off again and tried to distract her with my towels in the cart.
No siree. She was even more determined.
F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G out!!
 Little Lulu did her best to try to play with gigi and calm her down.
I pulled out an emergency sucker from my purse.
nope again.
I was starting to sweat.
 I am pretty sure I blacked out at that point, because all I seem to remember is leaving Ross without my towels,
and instead a 30 dollar-hot pink-diamond studded chair riding passenger to Gigi's car seat
(no joke, she freaked out when I tried to put it in the trunk) all the way to pick up brother.
I got home a little dumbstruck...
What in the world just happened!?
Wasn't it just yesterday that I was walking in the stores with my well behaved 
only child wishing I could give all those other defeated moms advice on how to discipline,
how to enjoy shopping with your children, and how to stay in charge??
and If I saw my old self right now, I'd laugh and tell her, her time will come...
when she won't be in charge anymore.
There's a new queen in the house.
We call her Gigi.

p.s. I'll be recording super nanny this weekend.
p.s.s. totally taking this throne back during nap time...one of these days.


Terry said...

I am still laughing. She is such a doll. What the heck. Keep the chair. I remember those horrific moments in stores. Seems like yesterday. And yes, we did walk out with several things that I had not planned on.

Erin_C said...

these little queens. what divas. but cute chair for only 30 bucks! I'd buy it from you if i didn't live across the country! haha.

and it took until your third to have a kid throw a tantrum in a store? i'm jealous. i'm only on my first and she is a pro.

Trav and Britt said...

heya "kit!" i love your cute blog and your bubblegum theme! i'm so glad you commented on mine! i was so sad when you went private and then i got off facebook and didn't have a way to tell you that i still wanted to keep up with ya! this post made me laugh so hard! only a true diva could throw a fit like that over a hot pink, jeweled chair! :)

erica said...

haha watch out, she's going to give you a run for your money.
ps. the chair is a lot cuter than i was picturing it when you told the story.
im with terry...keep the chair, make the girl happy! :)

Kristal said...

Funny story! She is a little princess isn't she!

Rachel said...

hahaha! sounds EXACTLY like my little jojo! i have claw marks to prove it! no joke!

Janette said...

love the story and the chair. I would prob do the same. she is so adorable!

Tricia said...

Hilarious. I love that little girl. Its hard to believe that they can throw such big tantrums. I am quite impressed that didn't happen until your 3rd....lucky! I LOVE the chair...I would have thrown a tantrum over it too ;)