Monday, April 18, 2011

And A Good Luck to you!

In about 45 minutes, this graduate of mine will be giving the presentation of his life (up to this point at least).
Today is his final review of his final project in his Architecture Masters program.
He found out last week that he would be going first out of his entire class.
Made him very nervous.
He has to present in front of a jury of hoity toity architects flown in from all over the nation.
They kind of like to rip students apart as a hobby.
Sonny has been having some bad dreams and is as nervous as can be with worry.
What if I forget everything? What if they hate the concept? What if I run out of the room crying?
(haha. loved that one. he was joking. i think)
I, on the other hand, have not been worried one bit.
Truth is, the kid is sooo talented.
I know I'm his significant other and everything, but it is the truth, and I've had about 100 people tell that very thing to me over the years.
It's kind of funny, because when I first met Sonny about 8 1/2 years ago one of the first things out of his mouth was I'm not very smart. What!? Seriously, it was on our first date. Guess he wanted to lay it all out there. I'm pretty sure a girl is suppose to run when she hears those words come out of her date's mouth, but he was too darn cute, so I didn't.
Instead we dated. and dated. and dated for a year.
I learned almost everything about him...including that he barely graduated highschool, failed his first year of college, and was currently in an English class for Exchange students...literally learning the BASICS.
The more I got to know this boy though, the clearer it became that the last word I would ever use to describe him is unintelligent.
School just wasn't set up right for him. He hated tests from an early age. Hated English. Hated spelling.
And at the ripe ol age of 7, a teacher pretty much labeled him in front of his whole class which sort of carved out his schooling road from then on.
I was in Nursing school when I met Sonny, and I had a very different experience with school.
It was just easy for me. Study. take a test. Forget everything. A student.
We married, and Sonny started taking school a bit more serious. He found his passion with architecture and to this day, he still hates tests, but can work wonders with his ability to design and craftsmanship.
It has been a long 9+ years of schooling, but today he is done (pretty much) and in 3 weeks he will graduate with his masters. I am just so proud of him.
It has been such a sacrifice. I haven't written about everything on here much, but most days Sonny is gone by 4-5 am and he usually doesn't get home until long after the kiddos have gone to bed. He also runs a business, serves in the elders quorum, and keeps his very high maintenance wife (it's true. i can admit it.) as happy as can be. I am honestly in awe with how he has done it all. Really. I would have snapped a long time ago.
He truly is my hero.
I have never seen someone work so hard and be so dedicated.

So babe, you've heard it from me 1,000 times and you're going to hear it from me 1,000 more
You are so smart, so talented, and I am blessed to learn from you everyday.
I know you will do great presenting today, and I can't wait for your truck to pull in this evening, see that big ol smile I fell for 8 years ago plastered across your face, and to hear all about your last big day in school.
You did it.
We made it.
Let the celebrating begin!

Oh and please graduate...or this post could be a little embarrassing. :)

Just read this, and realizing that I should probably enroll myself back in school. Pretty sure there are a few run-ons and some incompletes in this post. Oh well, too tired to change anything. Besides, we can only have one smarty pants around here. :)


erica said...

i cant believe the schooling journey has finally come to an end! actually it seems like just barely you started the architecture program (ha for me at least)
hooray for the mr!
i feel like there should be a party in his honor! :)

cute picture! LOVE the blossoms :)

Sonny said...

Thank you for believing in me Kristin and giving me the confidence to get through all of this. The presentation went great. It feels so good to be done. I can't wait to spend time with you and the kids...

P.S. I still can't spell.

Lisa said...

So excited for you guys! I can't wait to hear how it goes...I am sure it will be fabulous :)

I am excited to hear all about the next step in your journey!

The Payne Family said...

WOW! You are both so amazing! That is awesome that Sonny has his masters. He is definitely smart (sad that he was labeled as not)
Kit, you are my hero for making it through motherhood with the Mr working ALL day! Way to go you 5 :)
Enjoy the celebration!

~Cmac~ said...

Awwwww, Sonny - you'll do great! We're all rooting for you. You are such an amazing guy. You and Kristin are both in my top 5 favorite people ever. I love you guys!

Janette said...

Kristin, I love this post. You always know just how to write them. We our so proud of Shaun. He seriously is an inspiring person. I hope everything goes well!!!

Kristal said...

WAAAAAHOOOOOOO!!!! I can feel your excitement! Jason said all the grad 2's were there all night trying to get ready. What a great day! Can't wait for mine in a few months.

Sam and Lacey said...

SO SO Awesome! I think I might have been in one of the lower level classes with sonny. LOL What an accomplishment. Congrats! Kristin- you are amazing too. I don't know how you do it. Have fun celebrating.

Terry said...

I'm so proud of you Sonny! I know that the road has not been easy for a long, long time and will probably never be easy in alot of different ways. But here is a giant step towards the rest of your life. Soooo very proud of you. mom

Tricia said...

Congratulations Sonny! What a long road this has been for you but it has to be very gratifying to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Kristin you deserve a HUGE Congrats too. You kept your house running, your sweet kiddos happy and to top it off you ALWAYS have a smile on your face. You truly are one of the most amazing women I know. I just love you guys to pieces!

Anna said...

isn't love great?

congrats to you all!