Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We love us some UPS!

Last week we got an exciting package in the mail from the beloved Grammy.
Lulu was bursting with anticipation ripping it open.
She had asked/begged her grammy to sew her a night gown that "twirled!"
Grammy, of course, got to work on the special order right away and sent it UPS asap.
Lulu and the Rockstar just love getting anything in the mail and this package did not disappoint!

checking the "twirl factor"

I think it passed. :)
And even the little Kitty got a little somethin-somethin.
(she also got some jammies, but the fruit snacks were all she was into)

Such a special day.
Thank you Grammy!!

And by the way Sonny did superb on his final. We knew he would.
sigh. Enjoyin the good life!


Terry said...

worth every minute of sewing to see the look on her face. It was actually fun to get the old machine out. Guess I might make a few more twirly ones for the all the girls. love you all

Tricia said...
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