Monday, April 18, 2011

Daddy's school

Yesterday, the kiddos and I ditched a little church (i know. we're rebels) to tag along with Daddy to his real home...the Architecture dungeon. 
He has been spending all sorts of hours at this place for the past 3 years, and the supportive wife that I am...
I've been there once. Dangs. I'm awesome.
Yesterday, Daddy had to go into the school to pin up his final project (Woo-Hoo!!!) and we decided to go with him, so the kids could see where their daddy is ALWAYS gone to.
While he worked, the children and I snuck into some classrooms to pretend school.
They learned about frogs, water, trees, and butterflies. The rockstar corrected me that it is NOT a cocoon, but a Guess he is learning something in preschool. Lil smarty pants.
 Sonny putting the final details on one of his models.
 We weren't bothering him at all. :)
 Finished pinning, we went out to enjoy some sunshine.
Sure proud of this man.

  We let the kiddos know that as of this week, they would be seeing a lot more of their daddy.
Not sure they could really grasp that idea, but they were definitely happy to hear it.

A little tag to celebrate.

 We hurried home and made it to the last part of Church as a family.
And no, in case you are wondering, the Rockstar is unable to ever be serious in a picture.
Hence the name, the Rockstar.

Thanks for the tour babe!
I know it was important for the little ones to be a part of all your hardwork.
You're the best.


Sonny said...

No babe you are the best. I could not have done this with out the amazing support you give me. I can not believe how blessed I am to have you in my life. Thank you kristin

Sam and Lacey said...

How fun! Love the blankie. Makes me smile! Miss you guys. Come back, come back.

Terry said...

That little boy is certainly his father's son!