Sunday, April 17, 2011

A day at the park.

The week after conference my mom and I headed to sunny St. George for a little get away.
She wanted to look at property and the kids and I just wanted to get out of Daddy's way for final school projects. We were so excited to enjoy some good weather after this wretched winter (that's right Mr, I'm sooo over you.) Unfortunately, we only got one good day of sun and then the rest of the weekend was pretty darn cold.
I hear it warmed up the day we left too. Good Grief. Figures.
Well, can't complain too much, because that day we sure got our dose of vitamin D spending a few hours at our favorite park in the South.
Hidden Valley. It's the best.
The kiddos were in Heaven. They just loved meeting up with their cousin Ty and making a day of it. Obviously, I was a little excited to bust out my camera in some good sunlight and take a gazillion pics. Love all the moments of pure joy!
And my folks got some property. Suweetness!
We may just be neighbors in a few years. Free babysitting!? Oh yeah.


Jodi said...

Are you moving down south in the future? I LOVE LOVE LOVED that park, and so did my kiddos {sniff sniff} :). Looks fun!

Tricia said...

I was just going to ask where that park was....dang it! It looks awesome. Love park days :) Can't wait for some consistent warm weather to enjoy some Vitamin D :)

erica said...

i can almost feel the sunshine in these pictures. so darling.